La Mirada wins State championship bowl game while San Marino falls short

That’s a wrap on the postseason! La Mirada completed what was a simply dominant postseason with yet another runaway win over Campolindo to win the State Division III-AA bowl championship game on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, up north, San Marino couldn’t get star QB Carson Glazier cleared to play by CIF. So, the shorthanded Titans gave it a good try but ultimately Central Catholic pulled away in the small schools bowl championship.

  • reality

    It is odd that the season starts with a bang, posts everywhere and stories from the reporters every day,even video reports that last an hour.. Last night what should have been the equivalent of the High School super bowl and a very fine year for the SGV, 2015 went out like a dud fire cracker. Fizzling out with no notice. “Friday Night Lights” not!!!. Hardly any stories,few posts and no Aram or Fred takes to speak of. The posters were left to carry the water for the blogs and they declined. I guess the one take that Aram had was that the season is and was to long and I guess the Trib set out to prove it. The Trib tripped and fell and just pooped out before the finish line. La Mirada and San Marino deserved better. If it was Texas, Florida or any Midwest West or deep South state there would have been TV, radio and atta boy coverage daily. Great football this year guys. Thank you.

    • guest

      yes surprising that the 3 Amigos who make their money and fame from High School Sports decided that the state playoffs were a pointless money grab by CIF.

      I suppose they will be equally critical of the NCAA bowl system and playoff championship. Or the ever expanding super nova called March Madness, as it expands its size like the big bang, of money grabs.. But I doubt we will hear that.

      Yes disappointing that there was a poor job done setting the scenario.

      And as far as pointless is concerned, we would not have seen an improbable comeback against Sierra Canyon. Most observers state was one of the best high School football games ever.

      A bit sad SM was under full strength, to meet a 4 time in a row state champ, it was too much to overcome. But they still played about even for a half, showing that if Glazier was able to play, who knows what may have happened. But injuries great or small are part of the game and can affect the outcome.

      • New York

        Disturbingly cynical about games that are the most unique experiences many of these guys will ever have.

  • New York

    Congratulations to San Marino and La Mirada, as well as Bishop Amat. You all had some fantastic seasons.

    Particularly, I am incredibly impressed with what San Marino accomplished. There are no asterisks next to their championship. Any other year, San Marino is a Mid-Valley team that got lumped into the Central Division. The past couple seasons I felt they were Mid-Valley champs who got bumped up. However, this year they beat the perennial public school heavyweight of heavyweights in the SGV on the road, avenging last year’s loss. Then you went on and won a bowl game and then traveled to Sacramento! I don’t care what these guys say. Carrying the torch like that is incredibly impressive, and important. You competed and played the way teams did a very, very long time ago.

    I have many great memories competing against San Marino and their phenomenal coaches and players in the 1990s. You boys did something incredibly special this year and left no doubt. Congratulations.

  • WCDan

    I realize this is a little late, but,
    Great season to the San Marino
    Titans, I saw the CIF championship win over Charter Oak and I really
    liked the discipline and mental toughness San Marino displayed,
    particularly with the long interception return by CO’s Nash that was
    stopped at the 6 yard line by a SM defender that refused to give up on
    the play. CO would have been up 14 to 0 if not for his effort. Instead
    San Marino picks off the ball a couple plays later, and eventually kicks
    a field goal to make it 7 to 3 instead of 14 to 0 for CO. SM also could have
    hung their heads when a ref called back their first touchdown, but
    instead they kept driving and eventually scored a TD. Glazier was
    impressive as a QB, really had some pocket instincts and a great arm.
    Shohfi was as good as advertised and was catching balls with guy’s
    hanging all over him all night. Wick and the SM defense was gritty and
    tough. Too bad they didn’t have QB Glazier for their state championship
    game, He definitely would have made a difference, whether it would have
    been enough to beat Central Catholic I’m not sure, but it would have
    been nice to have both teams at full strength so all doubt is removed.
    Either way, great season San Marino, you guy’s definitely brought some
    new excitement, and removed all doubts this year as far as your Central
    division worthiness.

  • AVMjr

    I totally agree with what reality said in regards to LM & SM deserving better from the Trib Trio. LM played with heart and soul all season long and it showed. They earned this championship! Aram you and/or your team failed to do the job and report this game in the manner it deserved. Very unprofessional!

    • Rudy Martinez

      If one followed the video blog by the 2-3 reporters throughout the season, there was an almost disdain towards LM program. They constantly mentioned only previous years results and never concentrated on the current accomplishments of the fine LM players and coaching staff. When it turned out that, God forbid, LM was matched against Santa Fe in playoffs it became uncomfortable for Steve, Arem and Fred. When that trouncing was done very little mentioned by the above 3. Now when their precious La Serna was playing against LM 2 of the 3 reporters said La Serna would win! La Mirada crushed La Serna and reading the next day news one would have thought that La Serna barely lost not that LM romped.
      After that victory by LM they written off by local reporters Steve Ramirez and Arem going into the regional and state playoffs. If not for the great reporting by the Long Beach Press Telegram the Mats never would have got their proper due. One only needs read who wrote the stories at the end. Now SGVN will say that local Whittier writer Steve Ramirez was to report on SGVN North team San Marino ( why not LM thats a bit closer to Whittier no? )
      These blatant slights were picked up by coaches, players, local residents and added to an already us against Whittier Daily News sports writers mentality.
      Again thanks to the coaching staff and boys and the Long Beach Press Telegram for their fair and accurate reporting of La Mirada Championship season.
      Hey Whittier Daily News now shout it out who’s the best area team ? Thats right…La Mirada!! Now lets see who is coach of year for area…
      Time go out and get my copy of Long Beach Press Telegram….