San Marino WR J.P. Shohfi sets NATIONAL single-season record for yards …


San Marino receiver J.P. Shohfi put an exclamation on his stellar season by setting the national single-season record for yards with 2,464 yards. Previous record was held by Cody Cardwell of Stephenville, Texas. It was 2,427 yards and stood since 1998.

  • Semper Titanius

    Any more debate about what this guy and his quarterback are allegedly “lacking?”

    • Mean Joe Green

      Absolutely ridiculous the criticism/skepticism that these young men have had these past two years. If these kids came from CO, Monrovia, St. Francis or Bishop, they would be have multiple offers right now and all the praise of the SGV. Shofi is as much of a next-level receiver as any of the premiere receivers I’ve heard discussed on this blog.

      • AMAT73

        The kid is very talented and yes would have offers by now if he played at the schools you mentioned . I think his stock was raised up by his play in the playoffs . Their preseason and to a certain extent regular season schedule may have hurt his chances due to competition level they face . But in the playoffs they faced some very talented teams who mostly all thought they would go down to and beat everyone in front of them , I for one thought CO would beat them . Hopefully he gets the offer and if he has what it takes for an Ivy league school , that would be a good fit for him ,

        • Mean Joe Green


          I think Ivy League is the way to go for any kid who can do it. However, I have seen teams that are less competitive than even San Marino send kids to D1-FBS schools. It is the job of recruiting coordinators to find the diamonds in the rough. It would not take much to find him. Any recruiter worth their salt could have checked Maxpreps and looked up top 25 wide receivers and his name would have popped up since last year. I get it that San Marino does not have the buzz or notoriety of some of these parochial or other private schools, but Colorado, Washington or Oregon State are simply not going to get the Tyler Vaughns, Tre Sidneys or the Javon McKinleys of the world. This kid has more career yardage than all of them and more than McKinley and Sidney combined. I am not knocking any of those kids, but just highlighting the ridiculousness of the situation.

          • New York

            20 years ago the area recruiters for UNLV and Colorado State told me they were no longer going to recruit me after reviewing my transcripts and visiting me and my high school coach, who told them that I wanted to go to an Ivy League school. Smart on their parts, but as a 17 year old I really wanted that trip to Vegas!

          • Mean Joe Green

            LMAO!! You might be right about that New York. The best thing that might happen to Shohfi is if he doesn’t get an FBS scholarship and sticks with the Ivy Leagues. It may sting a little now because it seems like no one is recognizing his accomplishments, but he will rejoice in it later when he goes to the place that matters most and will yield the most lifelong returns on his investment.

    • guest

      yep this is the sort of article we should see, that a local team a public school was able to compete and beat private parochial schools that seem always to dominate the playoffs.

      To celebrate the achievements of a once in a blue moon team, rather than focus on the last game, they played a great disadvantage due injury.. (and we could discuss that injury at length)

      They had a great season, that hasnt been seen for a long time, if ever in this area.

      Well Done.. And I am sure some coaches might come to the Shohfi house for dinner in the near future. (as well as some other Sm Players) But for others that will never play another game of organized football.. they have a memory and fireside story they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

      Note.. Trivia Question: What SM kid is currently a pro quarterback?

      Thomas DeMarco who was a BC Lion and is now Ottawa Redblack QB

      Note what SM kid is currently playing professional baseball in the MLB
      Jared Hughes of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

      • Kennedy Bryant

        I knew this 5 years when I coached him… Not going to get into why this kid doesn’t have an offer. All I will say is every recruiting coordinator in the Pac 12, Big 12, Big 10, SEC ACC should be fired

        • New York

          At a certain point, recruiters don’t “waste their time” if they assume a kid will ultimately choose an Ivy League school.

  • New York

    I like the low profile. I hope Coach Murphy and Harvard can get him!


      New York where have you been hiding!

      • New York

        LOL. I missed the blogs but had one heckuva productive fall as a result! Merry Christmas!

        • AMAT73

          Damn brother , when I saw the post didn’t realize or even think of the name . Good to see you back . Great to hear your doing good . Merry Christmas to you and Family .

          • New York

            Hey pal. Great to hear from you. Looks like Amat had another great year, even though winning a CIF title is the benchmark for Amat. Staying in the Pac-5 and figuring out how to win was the best decision. Also, I’m sure real Amat people like you laugh at the notion of “meaningless” bowl games. The 1992 Reebok Bowl is still legendary. If these bowls were meaningless, then San Marino would have checked out and succumbed to complacency following their victory over Charter Oak.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Sorry looks like if he goes Ivy League its Yale

    • New York

      School colors are same as San Marino’s.

  • Valley Athletics

    Good to see him getting some recognition . Made the LA Times all area team and the the Fox all cif team . Kids are starting to commit so he will start getting offers now that some free up with the commitments .