Mission Viejo head coach Bob Johnson says team will refuse to play private schools if placed in new playoff division …

Longtime Mission Viejo head coach Bob Johnson told the Orange County Register that his team will refuse to play private schools if they’re placed in a playoff division that includes private schools under the new playoff format proposal.

The proposal will be voted on at next Wednesday’s CIF-Southern Section Council meeting. Currently, football teams are placed in playoff divisions based on league placement. The new proposal would base playoff divisions on competitive equity. That means teams from the same league could play in different playoff divisions that would be determined based on recent performance. Meaning, a team, like Mission Viejo, which has won Division 2 the past two seasons, would likely be bumped up to Division 1.

The new system would allow for upward (and downward) mobility regardless of league based on an individual school’s recent performance. Currently, the entire Moore League is placed in Division 1 based solely on the success of Long Beach Poly. The rest of the teams quite obviously belong in a much lower division. The new playoff format would allow for that.

You can expect PLENTY MORE statements like Johnson’s from coaches who oppose the proposal. But you may also hear from those who like it. If the proposal passes, it will be implemented in time for next season. Oh yeah, the proposal also applies to all other sports, too.

  • Don

    Hearing guys like Johnson howl about how unfair it is to force public and private schools to play each other never gets old. I mean, it’s not as if the Johnson Gang has a long and storied history of enticing players from other schools and actively seeking out talent wherever they can find it.

    Or maybe it is.

    What IS the big advantage the Trinity and Mission schools have over the likes of poor little Mission Viejo or Centennial? It sure can’t be budget, staff, or the pool of talent they draw from because the top public football programs have just as many kids carpooling from outlying areas as any private, short of Loyola.

    Maybe the advantage is the Catholic Schools don;t have to teach Common Core.

    • Spam Burger

      Agreed , this guy runs the 2nd best privabulic school in the state behind Centennial and he’s complaining about playing privates? Mission Viejo should have never been let out of the Pac 5 anyways

      • AramT

        Totally agree. He begged out of the Pac-5 and immediately wins two CIF titles in D-2. And not even now does he think it’s fair his program be moved back up. This is why this new playoff format is a no-brainer, but whatever.

        • Valley Athletics

          The new playoff format as good for teams like mission viejo who should be playing at highest level and teams in Centenials league and Long beach poly league who are in top division because of there top team in league .

          • Spam Burger

            With the exception of Dana Point, the entire South Coast league should be in the Pac 5. 1-4 they are deeper and would be more competitive then the Moore and Big 8 leagues. With the exception of LBP , the Moore league is horrible, but enrollment sizes force them into the highest division, just like the Big 8. Centennial of course will be Pac 5 for life, Norco is competitive yearly but then it falls off after them.,

        • Spam Burger

          I get the premise of this. It gets the perennial powers out of the same divisions they have been dominating like Mission Viejo, Vista Murrieta, Sierra Canyon, Paraclete ect and moves them up, but what I am curious to see is what do they do with a team like San Marino, that had a once in every 20 years kind of class come and go.

          • Mean Joe Green

            San Marino would not count, because it is based on performance over a two year span. Although San Marino had a great year this year, they would have to repeat the performance next year to suffer from being yanked up. Their last year’s season was not big enough to pull them up significantly in playoff rankings.

        • vegemighty

          No. This new format is going to eliminate a few problems such as this one. It is going to create at least as many new ones. Fixing a couple of things at the top is not enough to call it a “no-brainer”

  • The stands

    What about the small school that builds its program from nothing, wins league and has a legitimate shot at a divisional title only to have a school with a bigger enrollment drop down a division and beat the small school? I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Scout

      You know who cares about that: Adults! Not one kid will tell you that matters.

  • Scout

    None of these decisions are made with the athlete in mind. The 16 game schedule was brutal on a lot kids, and this new plan has nothing to do with kids. The only people upset about playoff draws are Coaches, Parents, AD, School Boards… An hour after that final whistle the students are eating In N Out happy they don’t have to pop more Ibuprofen.

  • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

    Or that happens when one of those South Coast teams end up in the division with Atascadero or Paso Robles and end up making that trip. Geographical Divisions are out the window. The nice little local championships we had set up around the SGV will be gone. And just wait until a St Paul drops and beats a Charter Oak or Glendora in the playoffs. Then Aram will be singing a different tune.

  • Spam Burger

    In other news, the former starting qb from Mater Dei will be taking his talents to Mission Viejo.