Greg Gano steps down as head coach at Wilson … but he could resurface elsewhere soon …

Four-time CIF champion head coach Greg Gano has resigned as head coach at Wilson after two seasons. The Wildcats were 4-16 in Gano’s two seasons.

With lots of openings out there, odds are good Gano lands on his feet soon.

  • flatiron

    How far the mighty have fallen.

    • LoveBajaMalibu

      How many Failed jobs has that guy had since he left Los Altos.?

      • AMAT73

        It seems as if today’s game at the high school level has passed him by and he can’t adapt .

  • Jastrab

    Speaking of Gano – Is this the last year for Parades @ Damien. If max preps is accurate in this three years he is 13 -18 with .42 win percentage – As compared to Gano who was 23 – 20 in his four years at Sparta with a win percentage of .53. He got the boot and Parades has a worse record than our old friend. Will Merritt go another year after this one with a worse records. Damien has athletes, a great field the wealthy part of the IE to draw from and I would think three years is enough time to either win or go looking again.

    Yes, I know they are in the Baseline, but Damien has always been DII or 3AAA so they belong in that division. The Baseline is not great in football – with the exception of Upland. They should compete.

    AT – your thoughts?

    • flatiron

      I think he is buddies with the school president. I’ll bet that’s why he got the job. Sparty’s problem is with defense. They gave up over 300 points. I think they have the same DC they had when Morrison was there…and were giving up 300 points. He’s the son of their former AD Tom Caroll (sp?). Sparty can do well with a staff change. There are lots of great coaches out there that would love that gig.

  • MidValleyMarauder

    BREAKING: Gano to Don Lugo.