Sounds like somebody wants this kid to go to St. John Bosco …

DISCLAIMER: It’s unknown who the voice in the video is. It could be a Bosco coach. It could be a Bosco parent. It could also be one of the many loser hangers-on that Bosco has. You know, the kinds of guys who call themselves a “community activist” and “leader”, yet walk around as grown men with hoody nicknames. Or, it could just be two guys talking. Anyway, so take it for what it’s worth.

FYI: The player in question is Darion Green, a Class of ’20 prospect who appears to be at Mater Dei.

And then there’s this from the kid’s instagram acct comments …



  • Valley Athletics

    I guess having a loaded 2019 class and 2020 class is not enough . They really want to take mater dei players to weaken the rival .