Monrovia’s top three returners transfer out

Monrovia is on shaky ground as the season approaches after losing what would’ve been the team’s top three players after they transferred to other schools.

Izaiah Adams (WR/DB) and linebacker Malcom Weston have transferred to, guess where, Cathedral. And defensive back Canaan Chandler has left for Grace Bretheren. Adams was considered to be Monrovia’s biggest talent. Weston had 68 tackles and seven sacks in 2015. Chandler scored four touchdowns last season and had five sacks.

The players were reportedly with the team through spring but left when the school year ended. Monrovia is headed by new head coach Jerry Chou, who won back-to-back CIF championships at Eagle Rock in 2005 and ’06. The Wildcats now have just TWO returning starters. They open the season at Burbank on Aug. 26.

  • fast freddy

    maybe this explains why mo-town dodged St. Francis and replaced them with La Salle????

  • Desert Rat

    Wow, so Grace coach Josh Henderson is really in deep with Pro Way, run by the king orchestrator of transfers Darrick Holmes (yes, Darnay’s dad). A lot of Holmes “clients” are at Grace.

    The joke that is SoCal high school football goes on.

  • Semper Titanius

    Wow. For years, we were frustrated by all the new (and good) football players who would mysteriously appear on Monrovia’s roster each Fall. What comes around goes around (literally). Kind of feel sorry for the Wildcats. Oh well, there’s a new king on the throne anyway! #homegrown

  • observantcat

    Not so fast Semper, Monrovia has a very good squad with or without those players, we might even have some new faces that can make up the difference. We definaltly have some Players that will make a name for themselves this year. Don’t fell sorry for the Cats we will be just fine. Sure SM will be a bigger challenge this season but It will be a much better game than you think. Our Defense will be stellar and our Offense will do its part with a lot of new faces.

    • AramT

      O-Cat!!!! Where you been holmes? I was waiting for you to chime in on this. Dude, power shift in the RHL looks to be happening.

    • Semper Titanius

      I agree. It will be interesting to see what the new HC brings to the table, but M-Town always strong, intense, competitive, and hungry. Those attributes have to be recognized no matter what. San Marino/Monrovia should be great game this year.

      By the way, Carson Glazier just signed with Stetson University in central Florida. The Hatters colors are . . . GREEN AND WHITE!

  • SgvEyes

    Yes those three left but who cares! Chandler who doesn’t run a rout correctly anyway, Adams is a pre moddona and Weston, well Weston is like the dude from green mile. Kid was just a Big body but good kid though. With that said we didn’t dodge SF it was a mutual agreement to discontinue the game. Also if you are anyone in the Sgv that knows football knows Monrovia has some players that will be known soon. And Aram you still haven’t heard of our Ram? Yes you heard that right Monrovia has a Ram in Wildcat uniform. No he isn’t from Tc but does have horns and is only a sophomore. Kid is going to be a typical Monrovia Back just wait and see. As for everyone else well we have a Ace Qb that hasn’t had much opportunity to show his talents past few years but has been burning defenses this summer and looks GREAT. Oh and to top it off we have a gaggle of receivers waiting their turn also that yes… Nobody knows about! Then there is our line… Young mean and Big…. But look past us it’s OK, we like the fact that we don’t have a target on out back for once.

  • SGV411

    Has any school done less with more than Cathedral. Every year they’re the recipients of all these transfers and not one final appearance to show for it. They play a weak preseason and very average to below average league. Coaching staff is a joke. They don’t coach these kids up, they simply rely on the players athleticism and hoot and holler about it. They are all promised a golden ticket but only 1 ball to spread around. Yeah they send a few kids out, but those are top tier athletes that works go D1 at any school.

    • Football 1

      To SGV411 Cathedral won the Angelus League Title and were CIF SS Semi-Finalists. They lost to State Champion La Mirada who could beat most schools. The Phantoms also lost 4 Starters who were expelled . How many schools would do that. They are all promised a golden ticket to go to College once they Graduate. Cathedral has a 98% Graduation rate of kids going on to a 4 year University. The Angelus League is strong.