• Jefe

    Aram, that Servite team that got “ambushed” at Kiefer was by no means considered a “top” team going into the season. They nearly lost the next week to Rancho Cucamonga. They were definitely NOT the Trinity league favorite going into the season & most OC/Trinity pundits knew it was going to be the start of a rebuilding process for the Friars. It was still a good win for Amat but just thought I’d mention that they beat a Servite team that ended the season 3-7 with a number of blowout losses.

    • AramT

      I was pretty sure they were very highly valued. Whatever. That Servite was an absolute embarrassment. Never seen a team so unprepared to play a game in my life. They were totally pathetic and after the win Amat Nation was going ballistic but I even told Hagerty that I guarantee the next week vs. Chino Hills they would get a better game. And they did. I was floored by how bad Servite was.

      • Valley Athletics

        Servite was ranked like 7th in pac 5 I believe . Amat was not ranked with a lot of graduated players . Santa Margarita was the team to beat . Rancho was ranked 3rd in SS and Servite beat them a week later . CO was ranked 17th in SS and Amat unranked .

  • TheSGVTruth

    Servite was not very good that year. What started as a big win early in the season faded as we saw how Servite performed later in the year.
    What I’m more concerned about….is Amat gonna get blow out game one? Make it a game? Or even win it. I have purposely stayed away all spring and summer so Friday night will be my first experience with the 2016 version of Amat football. Let see if the so called experts are right. Either way good luck to both team s, a lot of great history between both teams. Let’s have a good sho w.

  • Matt Dee

    Mater Dei should be the favorite for the Pac 5 title this year. Amat is young and inexperienced. On paper, this should be a blowout. Amat’s advantages are these: Mater Dei doesn’t know anything about this Amat team and the players are so young they don’t know what they’re in for.

    I expect Mater Dei to bully Amat with its size. That said I expect Amat to be coached up and overperform.

    • AMAT73

      MD ,
      We do have a very young team but as you say , no one knows what we have or can do . MD has one heck of a team and will contend for the title this year . One good thing is that many of the young players saw action last season due to early blow outs so they do have playing time under their belt . I expect a hard fought game as this is AMAT vs MD and they are most always thrillers . I take it by your screen name you root for MD so good luck with your team this season , GO AMAT !!!!!!