La Canada hoping to debut Drake Beasley soon #FreeDrake

La Canada High School football coach Ryan Zerbel is hopeful that an independent investigator looking into the transfer of running back Drake Beasley will have thing concluded this week and CIF will clear his star ball carrier in time for this Friday’s game against South Hills.

La Canada hired the investigator in response to allegations from Loyola, Beasley’s previous school, that his transfer was invalid due to undue influence. Loyola presented its case to CIF and now La Canada is set to respond.

“The third-party investigator is wrapping up his investigation and then it’s going to be hand delivered to CIF,” Zerbel said. “I’m really confident. Like I said from the beginning, there’s a process that’s in place and we’ll let that process take place.”

Beasley sat out last Friday’s win over Hawthorne. The Spartans could have played him but risked having to forfeit the win if he was later found ineligible. Beasley is considered to be one of the top running backs in the state and has multiple college offers, including UCLA, Boise St. and Arizona.

He rushed for 1,647 yards and 17 touchdowns last season at Loyola. Beasley left Loyola earlier this August and wound up at La Canada, where he shined during his youth football days. Loyola immediately challenged the transfer.

“This whole thing isn’t about me, it isn’t about La Canada, it’s about a young man who is being denied the opportunity to play the game he loves to play because somebody made an allegation,” Zerbel said. “It’s really a bad situation for that individual, that young man and his family. Whether he was coming to La Canada or going to one of our rival schools, it’s a horrible situation that somebody could just say something and take games away from people.”

Zerbel said he wrestled with whether to play Beasley despite the ongoing investigation because he doesn’t feel its right that he misses time due to allegations. He also said that Beasley was having a hard time with not being able to play.

“It’s hard on him because he’s stuck in the middle,” Zerbel said.

  • Valley Athletics

    Upland also challenged the transfer of 4 Polynesian players that where key players on defense . 2 starting linebackers ,a defensive tackle and O line player . All players got denied for a year . CC has 23 transfers . Sucks for them

    • Spam Burger

      And yet how many transfers are at Upland? Karma is a mofo. Not saying it’s right or wrong either way, but Poly’s are known to stick together and move to the same areas together. Look at the rosters for Heritage, the Murrieta schools, heavy Poly influence.

      • vegemighty

        Karma didn’t hurt Upland too badly. CC either. With or without those kids, both schools will be fine. Those kids who are losing a year (maybe their last year) of football, on the other hand…

        • Spam Burger

          They haven’t played this year. Chances are they will come CIF and you don’t think CC will want to send a message?

          • Valley Athletics

            Fred roggin just talked about it in the news . CC waited till 3 days before the game to submit the papers . Cif saw that families where living in same address so cif wasn’t having it . CC screwed over those kids . They had the info months ago and waited to submit . There only option is going back to Upland or transferring and sitting 30 days which starts the day they start school .

          • Spam Burger

            Yep, CC dropped the ball as far as paperwork goes, but that’s not unusual amongst the Polynesian community to have mutiple families living together or or cousins living with cousins. I would guarantee that if you pull any schools roster that has more then 10 Poly’s playing for them, you will have more then a few with the same addresses

          • guest

            It is sad that high school football has now become a dirty business of recruiting and win at any cost.

            But then why should I be surprised, one of the most successful programs in CIF SS many years ago was sending high school freshmen to a local physician for medications that would help them get bigger and stronger.

            So if you are going to endanger the health of your own players, I guess you would do most anything to win.