Drake Beasley’s father and Loyola coach speak out about controversial transfer situation

beasleyMUST READ: Drake Beasley Jr. is described by his parents as a quiet kid who has become more quiet, if not withdrawn, in recent weeks.
Beasley Jr., a standout running back, is dealing with the reality he might not play his senior season at La Canada High School after being declared ineligible by the CIF Southern Section following his August transfer from Loyola.
After three years at the Los Angeles all-boys private school, Beasley Jr. had his transfer challenged by Loyola on grounds that it violated CIF’s undue influence bylaw.
The situation has taken a toll not only on Beasley Jr., but his parents, who are desperately trying to rectify the situation as their son’s appeal hearing with the CIF State office looms later this month.

  • irishman

    I think what needs to be seen is all the documentation surrounding this situation. I would think at least the LC investigation would and should be made public.

    • guest

      Given the Beasley’s right of privacy, the only side we will hear is the Beasley’s.

      One thing is true, Aram has presented the story in exactly the way the Beasley’s wished, violins and all.

  • Don

    Geez Aram, that was heart rending . . . or gut wrenching, I forget which. Either way the only thing missing was a crippled family pet or maybe a Grandmother who needs an expensive operation to save her vision. It’s a shame that when they make the movie of this story Ron Howard will be too old to play the kid. Well, maybe not athletic enough either. Maybe Evan Ross, or Jaden Smith; use Will as the dad, or maybe Denzel but surely someone who can look concerned and thoughtful at the same time.

    As to the gambit itself, I would suggest that the old “we just decided that the tuition was more than the family could handle” story has been around since, like forever. Lots of families have used it when Junior decided the likes of Grady or Ancich were a smidgen more intense than they first thought but taking three years to come to that conclusion may seem a stretch to some. Some haters might also suggest that running across a gaggle of High School football coaches at a kiddieball game and engaging in a conversation that DIDN’T include football might also take a leap of faith. Not me, of course, since I have always been of the mind that parents should be able to move their little stars at will; four or five times a season if they see fit.

    And be the bye, people don’t spend $50 or $60 thou to send their kids to Loyola so they can play football. Just ask Lori Barr. They make ‘em Cubs so they can rub shoulders with Judges and Mayors and Congressmen at back to school night and start their boys out with an epic Jesuit education to tempt Ivy League schools and the likes of Stanford and Notre Dame but football? That is so last century.

    • AramT

      I left out the part about the crippled family pet. Seriously, that’s what is so compelling about this? Nobody looks good per se and the kid pays the ultimate price.

      • AMAT73

        Bingo !!! hit the nail right on the head , tuition from boosters and you don’t ask any questions ????? Then coach clears up the tuition hardship issue in one day ????? Where is the parent’s integrity in all of this , out the window I say .

  • SportsWatcher

    It goes without saying that this is a sad situation all around. With that being said as a parent with a child who plays sports … I know for a fact that it is commonplace now that kids who attend public schools and are “recruited” to play for private schools have “donors” who are footing the bill … As a parent I would be concerned if I was told “Don’t worry about tuition … it will be taken care of” … really? Nothing in life is for free. THAT was the first mistake made in this debacle… I have a friend in a similar situation where her child has everything paid for … and does not ask where the money is coming from … that in itself is wrong …

  • Semper Titanius

    Whole sad story just exposes how corrupt the entire system is, from HS Boosters to secret “no football discussion” meetings with other HS coaches. What a crock. Kid pays the heavy price for adult incompetence at every level. No surprise at all that cheating La Canada at the center of it. Speaks volumes.

    • Rams83

      Cheating La Canada coaches made the whole season about this guy and continue to do so with these appeals and and now trying to create sympathy in the press. Instead of focusing on the players they had and making them better cheating La Canada coaches wanted the brass ring. Instead they let down the other 41 players. Several parents have told me how angry they are at this staff for ruining their kids year. What you have is coaches with giant ego’s who will do anything to win when they should just be content with coaching great kids who actually grew up and live in La Canada.

      • GO BIG BLUE

        I agree. Its has a lot to do with other kids transferring for wrong reasons and not getting stopped! The coaches and parents that are doing this think that they are untouchable. Someone just so happened to put their foot down. Maybe parents and coaches will think twice about getting away with it instead of doing it the right way…there are quite a few that have done it wrongly..it just so happens that this kid has to pay for a adults choice

  • Don

    Blocked here too?