• Football 1

    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of arrogant Amat Fans. No More Amat Stickers in La Puente this week. I hope Robledo can sleep under his Homer Amat pillow .


      Lol. There are stickers not only in La Puente but ALL over. Your just a mad parent who wishes their kid could go to Amat. Amat fans love you Football 1

  • guest

    San Marino could have used SM kid Sousa this year, but so goes the private school shuffle.

    • AramT

      that’s refreshing. i didnt know that.

      • SGV Football Historian

        SM has lost more talent to private schools over the years than many remember. It is now happening to the Pasadena schools as the “privates” have shuttles picking kids up in order to get them to and from the Pasadena area to their respective schools. “But the privates don’t recruit” – laughable, they may not recruit, but they certainly make it easy to make that choice. Now kids don’t even have to arrange a carpool.

        • Semper Titanius

          That’s why last year here was so special. Though even that class bled some talent to the privates, still had a core of the best athletes in the state all of whom wanted to play where they came up! Sadly, as you are painfully aware, the school district does not want to make athletics a priority. That, and other bad decisions, are chasing kids to the privates.

  • Outside Looking In

    Ha . Ha .