Los Altos expected to hire Hector Spathias as new head coach

There’s a players/parents meeting scheduled for Monday evening at which time Hector Spathias is expected to be introduced as Los Altos’ new football coach.

Spathias formerly coached at Bassett and did a good job in a bad situation, making the Olympians competitive when the program looked like it was about to flicker out.

He will inherit a Los Altos program left in good shape by former head coach Dale Ziola, who took the Conquerors to two CIF championship games in six seasons.

  • LA Homer

    Not sure if it’s a good hire or not but definitely a better situation at LA then Bassett in terms of talent and community support, going to be tuff especially with the season LA had last year don’t believe it’s a total rebuild but the pressure will definitely be on….

  • General Turgidson


    I’m not surprised though. They got lucky with Coach Z. It wasn’t like this kind of decision is a shock. It is BECAUSE Coach Z did well that they can make bonehead decisions like this. Those LA games were packed last year and expectations are high. LA hasn’t had to pay for making dumb decisions in a while. Remember after Gano left, what train wreck that was? Then they get lucky with Z, giving them a fool’s confidence.

    1 and done. You heard it here first boys.

    Over and out.