Diamond Bar hires former Los Altos d-coord Kevin Argumosa, who makes former LA head coach Dale Ziola his offensive coordinator

I guess you could say that the Los Altos staff is moving a little beast and changing its colors.

Diamond Bar has hired Kevin Argumosa, who was defensive coordinator at Los Altos the past three seasons, to be its new head coach. Argumosa has immediately made a splash by naming former Conquerors head coach Dale Ziola as his offensive coordinator. The rest of the staff figures to have plenty of former LA names, too.

This will be Argumosa’s first head coach job after 18 years as an assistant.

  • LA Homer

    So much for Ziola spending time with his wife and kids….just abandoned the kids at LA!!

    • General Turgidson

      I have no rooster in this fight, so I won’t go so far as to call it abandonment.

      But to pretend that you leave an HC job to spend time with family, meanwhile you take a job as an OC, well… let’s just say it’s diplomatic language.

      Something clearly made him want to leave, and it sure as all heck weren’t his family.

      That dog don’t hunt.


  • Trying2Understand

    Being an OC at a school where the admin is clearly supportive and the HC is going to deal with parents is a HUGE difference in time commitment. Especially if the offense position coaches are competent. Plenty of more time for family.

    • General Turgidson

      You’re dead wrong boy. It’s less time spent on one thing, but more time spent on another.

      • sortoflocal

        You suck as an OC if you spend countless hours like an HC. You are unorganized and lack confidence in your stuff. Or you lack experience and don’t know what you don’t know. Sounds like Ziola’s kids got a great dad and Diamond Bar got a great OC.

        • General Turgidson

          Holy cow. So the only reason someone puts in so much time into their football team is if they lack confidence or experience?

          Hey “sortoflocal”… you are also “sort ofanidiot”

      • yodlersnowman

        I think what your not taking into consideration is the excessive amount of time that these head coaches have to spend during the off season with fund raising and holding these kids hands thought out the entire school year. For the most part the assistant coaches don’t have to join in on these song and dance routines during the off season like the head coaches.

        • General Turgidson

          Comments like yours are stunning. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

          Why are you infantilizing FOOTBALL coaches? Why are you treating these MEN as children? NO ONE FORCED THEM TO COACH FOOTBALL. And if they become lazy bums who want to hang up their cleats and live off the government, it’s no one else’s choice but their own. There are plenty of men who would love the opportunity to be a varsity head coach, so let’s not pretend these guys, with their cushy school district jobs, are martyrs who are needlessly suffering.

          Also, you, like other morons around here, seem to assume that all staff’s are bad and that assistants don’t do anything except show up for games. I assure you, good staffs have year round assistants.

          If you can’t hang in the man’s game, then hit the bricks and go home and tell your wife your troubles. Go play barbie with your kids.

          Leave the football to the men.

          Better luck next time, SON.

          General Turgidson

  • reality

    C’mon. You do have one or two real pain in the neck parents but not enough to cut into dinner time. It’s breaking down film on weekends and preparing a game plan and preparing your offense to execute it. All that is on the OC which can take more time than the HC.

    • AramT

      Ziola was always pretty clear he intended to keep coaching, maybe even as soon as this year.

  • Varsity Football Coach

    Times have changed people.. Technology has improved the game of football now of days. Everything is done off of HUDL. The kids don’t come in on Saturday mornings to watch Friday night games. Coaches don’t meet at the local donut shops Sat morning to exchange game film. So, yes Coach Ziola will be spending many more day’s and nights, home with his family. Leave Coach alone, He didn’t bail on the kids at Los Altos. It was time for change. Let it be…

    • reality

      Very aware of Hudl but what staff do you know worth its salt does not meet on weekends? Please enlighten! Not trying to infringe on any coaches home life, that’s his business.

      • Varsity Football Coach

        the Whole Los Altos Staff, who played in the CIF championship games 2 out of the 3 years..

        • reality

          and they got run out of town? If true then why did he say he needs more time with wifey and kids if weekends are free? Your take is Ziola now has more time coaching while working full time at a different school is total bs. It’s more like trying to stick it to LA for reasons unknown but very curious. He does have a curious history.

    • LA Homer

      Tell that to the kids at LA that feel abandoned by him…..cmon he works at LA and leaves to coach Diamond Bar the kids see that and wondered why he left them…being an OC is alot of responsibility and time just as much as a head coach.