Charter Oak edges Upland to win Big Lou Classic

You bet your booty Charter Oak has reloaded. The Chargers took their own tournament on Saturday, beating Upland in the finals of the Big Lou Classic.

The Chargers got a strong showing from standout receiver Jermaine Braddock, among others. Charter Oak beat Sierra Canyon to reach the finals while Upland beat Rancho Verde in the other semifinal.

But wait … that’s not all. I’ve received multiple messages about a controversial ending to the final game. The Scots are not happy that there was reportedly a rule change or a rule in use that allowed CO some extra plays/time. I wasn’t there, so any community help is appreciated.

According to one message, The Scots were so sour they offered to send over a contract for a real game in pads in fall. Interesting.

  • Fair Play Is Fair Play

    Well I will help you out, Aram. I was there yesterday and Upland got homered. The game had been a defensive struggle the whole time, in fact until the last drive in the game Charter Oak only had one first down. With about 30 seconds to go in the game Upland was winning 12-10 and Charter Oak stopped them on 3rd down. When CO got the ball back the Upland defensive coordinator called a prevent defense and CO completed a 15 yard curl. No harm, right? Wrong. Some Upland players were jumping up and down as time expired in celebration, but CO was still lining up for another play. It was only then that that the Upland players and coaches were notified that CO got a chance to finish the drive. The clock didn’t matter. CO ran the next play while still some Upland players and coaches were confused and caught a questionable corner in the back of the endzone.

    This “extra time” was not in the rules which was given at the beginning of the day, wasn’t mentioned at the pre tournament
    meeting by the CO coaching staff, nor was it played like this in any other game played that day. I know it is only passing league and it really doesn’t matter, but fair play is fair play. Besides we all know what would happen if they played a real football game in pads. If you doubt what would happen there is one way we could find out….Please have tell CO Athletic Director Dominic Farrar to contact Upland’s Athletic Director John McNally to arrange a scrimmage this year or sign a contract for next year. Upland is going to have an opening for the 2018 season. Two legendary coaches with multiple CIF Championships going head to head, I for one would love to see this happen.

    • #1 HS Football Fan

      This is exactly true. Charter Oak changed the rule only to favor their loosing situation. It is the only way they could put themselves at an advantage, and if this was a legitimate rule, Upland would have been expecting this and adjusted until the end. This is Charter Oak pulling their Bull Sh_ _ style football, if you even want to call it football. I would love to see a scrimmage, only C.O. wouldn’t have the ability to change rules on the fly. As for the comment on Rancho Verde getting screwed, yes it’s true, once again Charter Oak is a joke & people have caught on to the trend! C.O. will never be a program like Upland. Coaches do have class, and from what I saw, Upland hands down has one the best 2017 teams in the I.E., if not the best! This should be proved in the opening season run in August/September. They have some monster athletes, definitely D1 College status.

      Glad to see that h.s. football fans see the “Raw Truth” in the matter. Sorry C.O., if you want to win, do it right & earn it! No sugar coat here.

      • Spam Burger

        The road to the IE football kingdom still runs through Corona Centennial- hands down. Huuuuskies!!!

        • reality

          They should. Student population of over 3000 and a load of tremendous black athletes. Not just hands down but feet too.

    • mr. nobody

      they did play each other a few years back. they played 2 years in a row and i believe CO scored 1 time in those 2 years.

  • Antlers

    Since I oversaw 36 games before lunch I can attest that plenty of teams finished their drive if the score could have tied or won the game. The catch in the back of the end zone was legit, inbounds in control. Upland had there chances. They are a great team. The Upland coaches handled the situation with class. Salter and “Big Lou” shook hands after the game.
    It’s passing league still not a part of the CIF criteria for competitive equity. If any team didn’t get to compete. Anyone doesn’t want to come back. Good bye we have a waiting list.

    • #1 HS Football Fan

      Antlers, What do you mean “if the score could have tied or won”, Upland won hands down. Catch was out of bounds to begin with, and bottom line, TIME IS TIME! This isn’t baseball or basketball! And in a tourney, if you’re gonna give a team a last play, you do the same for the opposing team or you keep going into a death-match!! But the key is you put this in the RULES OF PLAY from the beginning, not change as you seem fit!! As you should know, in tourney style football, when the time runs out, it is what it is! Sorry dude, either ***WIN THE RIGHT WAY***, or take the loss like everyone else, with PRIDE, or don’t offer to host a B.S. tourney! Nobody in the football community respects that, nobody! I wouldn’t be surprised if teams decline the invite next year.

    • General Turgidson

      I’ve never heard of a passing tourney like this.

      So regardless of time, if you’re behind in that situation you can just keep the ball and win the game???

      Damn stupid rules if you ask me. OR they just made them up as they went along.

      Either way, total bs.

  • Valley Athletics

    Something happened like that last year where charter oak had the ball and 20 seconds lasted forever . I remember seeing the Rancho Verde so mad and fights almost breakout .

    • #1 HS Football Fan

      Yup! I heard this happened R.V. coaches must have a sour taste. They should scrimmage and settle it the right way!

  • Fair Play Is Fair Play

    @Antlers: I completely agree that Upland had their chances to win the game. In fact, with about 4 minutes on the clock (it turns out that didn’t mean anything) they were up 12-2. However, if Upland would have known about this “extended time” rule they probably would have played the last 2 minutes in the game differently. The CO coaching staff might want to add this “extended time” rule into their rules, for this tournament, so all participates know about it. Again, fair play is fair play.

  • tanksolot

    Aram, why weren’t you there? Isn’t that your job?

    • AramT

      I got lost. Turned around and came back home to watch horse racing and boxing.

    • General Turgidson

      I think your name should be tank-slot. For obvious reasons.

      Worry about your own job.

      • tanksolot

        Yes sir, general. Whatever you say, general. Anything else, general?

        • General Turgidson

          No son. That is all. Now don’t slip again, or else…


  • Spam Burger

    Wonder how different the results would have been with Rancho Verde’s and Sierra Canyons top play makers missing due to CIF track & field finals.

  • General Turgidson

    Were CO players reffing the game? Sometimes these tournaments do that which also screws things up.

  • General Turgidson

    If it wasn’t an obvious part of the rules, the situation is the hosting team’s fault. Sounds like upland would have adjusted their strategy had they known.

    I wasn’t there, but I’ve seen crap like this before.

  • General Turgidson

    Aram! We need more football news!!!

    Summer is afoot!!!