All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25

This is the post-passing circuit Top 25. Yes, I know, there are still some tourneys left to be played, but the biggies are mostly done and a lot of teams are going dead soon. And Aug. 1 is when the eyes really turn toward fall for almost every team you can think of.

1. Bishop Amat — Didn’t impress on the summer circuit, but they rarely do.
2. La Habra — This is starting to become the “in” school for transfers. Scary.
3. Charter Oak — Linemen-centric team showed well during passing circuit.
4. St. Francis — QB sitch is settled. This team has some nice upside.
5. Damien — A lot of you weren’t impressed by Sparty on passing circuit. Ok.
6. Glendora — Strong offensive line and versatile QB. Dangerous.
7. La Serna — Lesson 1: Never question La Serna.
8. St. Paul — Program trajectory is up.
9. La Mirada — Hasn’t been the best offseason in Matadores history.
10. Arroyo — QB, RB both back, but will bump in divisions offset that?
11. Arcadia — Skill talent is there. Line is the question.
12. Diamond Ranch — The top threat to CO in the Hacienda.
13. Northview — SGV Shootout calmed concerns over non-QB skill talent.
14. Schurr — Sparty got the biggest spike out of our summer eval.
15. Los Altos — QB Olmos opened some eyes this summer. Good sign.
16. San Dimas — Some things never change.
17. Monrovia — New QB will have strong RB and WRs to work with.
18. La Salle — Haven’t heard much about transfers. Good or bad sign?
19. San Marino — Coaching staff got even better. Should bounce back.
20. South Hills — The Bechtel Boys are a bit of a mystery.
21. Bonita — Waiting to see what this junior class can do.
22. Covina — Program is making strides talent-wise.
23. West Covina — Post-Maggiore begins soon.
24. South El Monte — The Sal Show needs a co-star.
25. Montebello — Tap Man back at QB, but can defense remain strong?

  • The stands

    It’s a shame Amat doesn’t play La Habra during the preseason.

    • AramT


      • scotty bore as

        get back to me when La Habra beats Upland or Mission Viejo, with the current playoff criteria Amat will probably only want to play D1 opponents…there is a huge difference between the top dogs and the pretenders, look at La Mirada and how often they beat D1 playoff teams….hell, look at Charter Oak and their record against Amat and some of those Amat teams Farrar lost to where average at best…claimers against Stakes horses in my opinion

      • scotty bore as

        I’m actually surprised at you putting Amat on top, feeling alright…or did you lose a bet? If Amat goes 6-4 0r better against that schedule they’re the best team in the fish bowl, of course the mono colored fish wrap will anoint some D13 team as the best ….just like the college pollsters putting BFE AM&N ahead of Bama or Clemson…..ridiculous

  • reality

    Teams that will be on this list after week 8: Diamond Bar, Pomona,Baldwin Park, El Monte, Azusa. Alhambra, Nogales, Monrovia, El Rancho.

  • observantcat

    Uh, Aram #11 Arcadia? Where is the talent, last I heard that talent was heading east on the 10 and west on the 210. You must be talking about another pacific league team, Muir perhaps. Monrovia has 2 pretty good QB’s that may surprise many fans. AJ Carreon an excellent athlete, very aggressive and very confident and then there’s Trevor McPherson who is putting in the work this summer and is really starting to find his go to guys. Monrovia could also have one of the biggest offensive lines in the SGV along with very quick running backs. I won’t speculate that they should be given a higher placement on your list, but I will say that those ahead of them need to be reevaluated because they will have issues when it comes to playing 11on11 this season.

    • AramT


      Where you been man? Good to see you back around these parts and putting in your two.

      Arcadia is just fine at the skills still. And word is they’re much better along the lines this year. I actually thought they should’ve been higher maybe.

      • Dave

        Arcadia is solid at the skill positions, they did lose a couple of kids that moved down the feeeway but it won’t have much of an impact on the team overall.

  • JTJ

    You have Northview ahead of South Hills… lol. South Hills worked Northview in a 7 on 7 deal that was hosted at District Field last month. Northview offense could not get a first down on that South Hills D. Word is South Hills returns 17 starters and some start both sides of the ball. Not a South Hills guy but Bechtel sure has changed the mentality of that program.

    • Spam Burger

      Passing league, we talking about passing league? CO “beat” Centennial in passing league too…. Centennial beats CO by 7 td’s in the real world.

  • Bulldog Boy

    Oh NOOOO You guys have no Idea what youre talking about! My boys @ 23……… are gonna owe a public apology for that one!
    Los Altos………theyre finished!
    WHOOPED SH , Schurr, DR, and Glendora last year….without a QB…… we have one of the best in the area….do some homework!