QB/DB Matt Takata leaves Charter Oak for La Mirada …

Matt Takata, who played defensive back and quarterback last season for Charter Oak, has transferred to La Mirada, according to Freddie J. Robledo.

Takata was possibly passed (no pun intended) in the CO quarterback competition by Jalen Palacios. He may face some turbulence via CIF by transferring this close to the season. But it should be noted that he began his career at Santa Fe and La Mirada is very good at getting transfers eligible.

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  • The stands

    No problem for the school that has quarterbacks falling out of trees, right?

    • tanksolot

      Needed 5 to play the position last season and it wasn’t enough.
      I sure hope there are back ups that can play as well as Takata. Kid saved the season for CO. Wish him well.

      • The stands

        This Palacios kid must really be something.

  • reality

    Farrar won’t say a peep but turbulance could arise from a coach in the Suburban, namely Mayfair’s and Norwalk’s.

  • Football 1

    That’s what I said before. La Mirada can’t win without transfers.

    • fast fred

      Same for the phantoms!

      • Football 1

        The Phantoms have some Transfers. Last year they had 4. La Mirada over a 3 Year run had 50 Transfers. That’s how they won.

        • fast fred

          how many this year?

          • Football 1

            Fast Fred what School do you represent and how many do you have?

          • Football 1

            Are You fast Fred Robledo who loves Bishop Amat.

          • The stands

            Ok, how may transfers does Amat have this year? Truly want to know.

          • Valley Athletics

            Amat got a couple non impact transfers this year that won’t crack the starting line up . Koby Duru a transfer from last year should have a good senior season . Has put in slot of work and should make an impact .

          • AMAT73

            Nothing wrong with loving AMAT !!!!!

    • Larry L

      La Habra isn’t any better