Is he or isn’t he?

St. Francis head coach Jim Bonds confirmed Tuesday that Crespi transfer Darius Perrantes has won the Golden Knights starting QB job. Now the question is will he be eligible when the season starts?

Perrantes is currently listed on the CIF website as a sit-out-period player with eligibility for football beginning on Oct. 2. Bonds expects he’ll have his starting man, however, when the season starts after the school submits a new filing with CIF for a valid change of residence.

This St. Francis offense could be something special … remember, Bonds is the QB Whisperer and working with a talent like Perrantes should produce some amazing results.

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  • scotty bore as

    Bonds is a QB whisperer? he helps get a lot out of his guys at the HS level, but I haven’t seen them go on and produce at the next level, he gets a lot of talent to transfer in and polishes them up a bit

    • AramT

      Is there anyone in the SGV churning out D-1 QBs one after another?

      • scotty bore as

        no, but does that make him the best of a mediocre lot?/ …OK …who all are the D1 QBs of which you praise? his nephew who transferred in?

        • Chris Jones

          Aram is like the writer in ‘The Wire’. He adds a lot of color to a story.

          I get St. Francis is a descent sized fish in a rain puddle, but Bonds is a great recruiter, not a QB whisperer. Most of his guys go the JUCO route to get developed and only then move on to the next level. Most of the time as 4th string guys.

          Only QB to play(actually play) at the next level was Gangi. Lebowitz was hand delivered to Bonds by Steve Clarkson (a real QB whisperer).

          St. Francis should dominate with all their transfers, yet when was the last time he won a CIF championship? I’ll wait.

          • fast fred

            Hey Chris—how many transfers are you speaking of in one year?

          • Chris Jones

            Whenever St. Francis needs a QB…boom. Some how there is a QB transferring in. Look back through the years on the CIF website. Plain as day. Do your homework.

            One of their best players a few years ago the DE Davitt (POY from this Aram writer) Boom another transfer. Who would’ve thought?

      • AMAT73

        Aram ,
        Not too many D-1 QB’s in the SGV , the OC has the corner on that market . Most SGV school’s forte is to run the ball . Remember to produce those D-1 QB’s you need some D-1 or close to it receivers and then they get the looks before the QB’s do . I have read where you guys talk up many of our SGV QB’s and I love that fact , but rarely do they go on to D-1 ball . You think the kid from Northview , as good as he is , will make it to D-1 ?

        • scotty bore as

          look at Glendoras last 2 QBs to play D1…they didnt play at all !….1 transferred to a D2 school and Fink will probably end up the same way….the fish bowl doesn’t produce much in the way of D1 players

  • Football 1

    I hope Arum and Fred talk about how many Transfers St. Francis gets every year. They made a Big Deal about 1 Transfer from Muir that went to Cathedral Jamir Calvin.

    • fast fred

      You have said in the past that St. Francis gets 8 to 10 transfers every year. When I asked you to name them, there was no reply. Again I will ask, how many transfers for your team this year.

      • Football 1

        I don’t know right now. They got a few kids. I just don’t like how you and Aram blast Cathedral when other schools are doing much more.

  • Football Junkie


    • Conq ’76

      Cool…Ziola had some great horses, but enthusiasm and getting the kids to buy in was as equally as important…