Is West Covina football teetering?

If it feels like it was just yesterday that the West Covina High School football team was the toast of the town, that’s because it was. Sort of.

The Bulldogs won CIF championships in 2010 and ‘11, reached the semifinals in 2012, and frankly, at that point, nobody was doing it better locally. But as the 2017 season beckons, West Covina looks like a program at a crossroads.

As we all know, public school football programs are a house of cards. Reversals of fortune happen all the time. Great today, average tomorrow, toiling the day after that. Talent is in high demand and willing to go anywhere if the hometown school shows any sign of struggle.

That’s why this season looks like one of the most important in school history READ MORE

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  • reality

    Good story but……It could accurately be written (just substitute the name) of any school in the Hacienda or Palomares.All have had high points since 2010 but the coaching consistency at Charter Oak is immense. Why programs don’t try to make a huge push to keep the Maggiore’s of the world at the helm is beyond me. Make concessions so he has more family time during the season, help with the teaching load and reward his value to the community with a salary bump. Teachers are financially rewarded for performance and degrees, why not coaches?

    • WCDan

      Great points Reality, it’s getting tougher for public schools
      to keep consistent high quality coaching, especially if there is not a lot of money or support for program.

    • Antlers

      Love this guy. The older we get the harder it gets to abandon you fam for four months. Districts are doing less and less. Except at cen10 my college teammate schedule is well taken care of. No wonder he’s stuck with it even after personal tragedy.
      Districts must entice coaches to keep them grinding. I’m mean this is year 21. The stipend is trash. No booster $ like OC. Love of the game and players keep me coming back. Not forever?

  • WCDan

    Good points in article Aram, thanks for the write up.
    Despite the low rankings you guy’s have us at, and the loss of Maggiore, and the loss many seniors, plus the youth of our team, we are excited about the up coming season. Coach Tello has this group lifting and working hard, and it looks like the boys have bought in to the team. That is a major part of the battle and I tell you what, the team looks pretty good in practice. You really don’t know till the real games begin, but we are chomping at the bit to get this season started. Go Bulldogs!!!

    • AramT

      Hey Dan! Great to hear from you. Hope all is well. Yes. VERY sad about Ruben Velasco. Tragic.

    • tanksolot

      Very sad indeed. Thankful for his willingness to serve as a US Marine. God bless and comfort his family and friends.

    • AMAT73

      WC Dan ,
      Well another season upon us !!! Heard about the former Bulldog and the terrible incident , I will keep him in my prayers . A lot of pride in those Bulldogs and they will show well as always . Looking forward to seeing your posts this season and hopefully the Old Bonita Bear wakes up from the long hibernation and sends the blog some words of wisdom . Take care and wishing you and your Bulldogs a successful season !!!

  • Bulldog Boy

    Talk is cheap…………………….but
    Let me help you out by leaking some info about our David to all your Goliaths…..
    Do you think its possible that WC could actually have an offensive line with good size, talent and experience, a tough defense… a speedy, hard running Jr. tailback or 2 that nobody knows about and a Jr…QB/DE who is 6’2 205 and can pass and run the football equally well……
    A couple transfers that will be big in league….Yes mr WCHS@23
    ive been watching my boys closely and we are very excited about the upcoming season! Cant wait for those apologies