There’s no mass exodus at Santa Fe, despite what you may have heard

The Santa Fe High School football program is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Those were the sentiments of Chiefs head coach Dave Pierson late Friday morning when asked about rumors that several top players were leaving or had left the program in the wake of the recent departure of defensive coordinator Romeo Pellum.

“There hasn’t been a single player who has checked out of Santa Fe,” Pierson said. “Not as far as I’m aware of and I’m at practice every day.”

Pierson said he wasn’t allowed to go into detail about Pellum’s resignation at the instruction of the school. Pellum, a 2007 Santa Fe graduate, played defensive back at Washington State and recently returned to the area as Santa Fe’s defensive coordinator. This would have been his second season.

“As far as Coach Pellum coaching at Santa Fe, it is true that he is no longer coaching at Santa Fe and that he resigned,” Pierson said. “I’ve been instructed not to comment on it.”

There were concerns that after Pellum left, several key players, including standout receiver Dylan Thomas had either left or were considering doing so. Pierson quickly put those worries to rest by saying Thomas and others are still with program.

Santa Fe looks to be on the verge of a big season. The Chiefs have a talented roster and experience returning in key spots. Santa Fe finished second in the Del Rio League last season and opens this season on Aug. 25 with a road game at Cathedral.

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  • reality

    Grapevine says there is turmoil at Santa Fe. Why would administration put a gag order on a experienced head coach talking about a valued assistant. He could have said something nice as most HC’s do and wish him well but told to keep ones mouth shut sounds suspicious.

  • Larry L

    Of course he has to say that… We know all those transfers are heading out as quickly as they came in. DC was dirty and it caught up to him. If you aint cheating you aint trying.

  • SH-Alum

    I guess we’ll find out a lot at CDS on Thursday as Santa Fe scrimmages SH Huskies at 7:00.

  • Ranch Man

    Uh oh looks like cathedral came calling. Ouch! I feel bad for the rest of the Santa Fe kids..