• Valley Athletics

    Like your ideal for MD and Bosco . Maybe there should be a national tournament at end of regular season split up into 4 zones . West , south , east and north for example . West would have 4 best teams at end play . I am sure espn could pay for it .on the Takata subject on residency , Corona just had some D1 players denied supposedly for residency issues . One of Amats best Sophmore players actually transferred to play with the Qb who got denied and all these top players . Now he is stuck there this year .

    • AramT

      That’s a great idea on how to structure the national tourney idea. Trust me, if ESPN is televising, there’s enough cash involved to make it happen. Mater Dei and Bosco no longer belong anymore. It’s just not fair to the other teams.

      • observantcat

        Aram, why don’t you just become the brain child of this possibility and bring it to life. You never know. I always thought along these lines. Then Freddy would have his way in saying that BA would be world beaters after this move. But wait…OC schools would then take over the entire D1 along with the Chaminade’s, Alemany’s and so forth. Then we would have to start div. 1 1-1 1-3 as long as their is a 1 involved teams wouldn’t be satisfied even if they went 0-10

      • Nomoredrama

        Are Bosco and Mater Dei becoming another couple of IMG Academies? IMG does not belong to any league in Florida. They play most of their games against top teams from other states. This Saturday they will play Corona Centennial @ Cathedral.

  • woanelly

    Did John Muir win their game? I hear they have a tough schedule ahead, but the locals were saying they have a good team this year.