• Jase Walker

    How does Pasadena have its own newspaper and there is nothing to be found on Muir and PHS football. No preps Xtra magazine this year. Not even on these blogs is there anything about Pasadena schools or any of the 210 Schools like Monrovia and Duarte.

    • woanelly

      Jase, I have seen this time after time even when we call about things our other teams are doing it never gets reported by PSN. Muir baseball and softball both beat PHS last year for the first time in over 20 years. Calls were made and no replies. They are not interested in us anymore. It is either Pasadena privates or east towards Glendora and Lord knows BA. I am going to cancel my sub, I have held out hope long enough that the bias would change.

  • observantcat

    What’s up Jase, it is very defeating to say the least. Absolutely no coverage on some of the better athletes in the area. We are left to El Monte, La Puente, etc…. I believe theres more to it than meets the eye. Day after day you read the mess on these blogs and we don’t see or read about any Pasadena D1 players. There are some very good players from the Westside that have much more D1 futures that we will never hear about unless they go into college. Come on Freddy this S..t is getting boring.

    • Jase Walker

      O-Cat in the old days I would load up the kids and go see games everywhere. With my son Javen playing for Monrovia I’m obviously going to be where ever he’s at. Being from Pasadena I’d atleast like to see one paragraph on the Pasadena Schools and their league rivals each week. In the social media age I’m sure these writers could network and give us more than what they’ve been giving lately. I have to sift through twitter trying to find something when Fred would have everything you wanted to know right here on this blog.

  • observantcat

    I agree.. funny you say that but i found myself doing the same thing, If not for the fans we wouldn’t even know some these westside teams even exist. I previously wrote about how aggressive and athletic Javen plays at his position on Defense and I would love to believe that those at the Star News would see the same thing. For example if he were at Amat he would definitely be starting and his name would be plastered all over the Trib & Star news. It’s becoming very territorial over at the Tribune and the Westside schools aren’t included. Good luck tonight with LaSalle, I know Javen will have another great game.

    • Jase Walker

      Thanks I appreciate how highly you speak of Javen. He works really hard and eventually these writers will get to a game and notice him.

      • guest

        There is time left as your newbie QB gets experience and the rushing game gets better. Right now there is not a lot of challenges to defend against M.

        Monrovia will get better as they have the recruiting and booster chops to move in big time players to supplement the local talent. So M will rise from the current -7 Cal Preps rating..

        Game to watch SM v Viewpoint that also has a -7 rating the same CP rating that M carries now. That will tell a bit about where the RHL will go, absent key injuries.

        RE football in general, the shinking rosters, focus on head injuries concussions etc and long term brain damage and the potential for lawsuits that will come sooner than we think, has football on the endangered sports list.

        In 1969 Blair had the top rated football team in the USA with multiple D1 recruits and eventual pros and was likely the best football team the SGV ever produced. Now it has no team…