• guest

    Well it looks like Muir made a statement in the game, that they are not that good.
    After all– Monrovia, that is in CALPREPS rating free fall, put a 40 spot on La Salle. Muir with the “electric” free agent running back only puts up a 20 spot.
    We will see if this is just a reemergence of the Muir inconsistency or a reality.

    • woanelly

      Another person unprovoked that really dislikes a group for no apparent reason. Let kids be kids, adults are writing the titles for the articles. All Muir alums hope for the best for the programs especially alums from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. I believe that’s why we have all the talk/speculation that this may be a good year for them.

      • guest

        The point is that everyone got way too carried away with some big victories in the pre season. It is no secret to anyone that follows local preps that Muir has had wildly inconsistent seasons where they lose games to teams they should not lose to.. and then win league and or playoff games that the previous loses say they should not. Wildly inconsistent is a good description of the Muir program’s success over the years.

        Does that mean I dislike Muir players etc. That is your conclusion and was just used to bootstrap your opinion.. I see there is something going on if Muir could only put up 20 points when Monrovia could put up 40 on La Salle. The potential is the offensive seems to be not as good as advertised in the previous games on the other hand, the good news is the defense may be better.

        Clearly it does not mean Muir will not be a CIF champ or go deep into the playoffs, as that seems to be a Muir tradition to get tough in the end of the season where they had barely break even records but end up winning or going deep into the playoffs. That is the definition of inconsistency.

  • Truth626

    Well, when La Salle stops recruiting and CIF looks at how they and other private schools Maranatha included steal athletes then I will respect la Salle and when La Salle actually coachs their own students then I will respect La Salle, but those are two very different schools – private vs public – with two different worlds and very different realities.