WEST All-Star roster … Game is Saturday, 6 pm at West Covina High …

1 Roy Barajas RB 5’6 165 El Monte Joel Sanchez

2 Aubrey Mosely WR 5’11 165 Monrovia Chris Stevens

3 Jordan Peevy DB 5’8 160 Monrovia Chris Stevens

4 Robert Awunganyl DB 6’1 170 Burroughs Keith Knoop

5 Aldridge Khin WR 5’9 160 Flintridge Prep Glen Beattie

6 Tyrone Singleton DB 5’9 180 Warren Raul Lara

7 Steven Nava QB 6’1 185 Rosemead Marc Paramo

8 Adrian Medrano LB/TE 6’1, 200 Schurr Dave Ramos

9 Darney Harris DB 6’2 205 Warren Raul Lara

10 Nico Hillier QB 6’3 190 Arcadia Andrew Policky

11 Ivan Mendoza LB 5’10 190 S. El Monte Frank Gallardo

12 Andrew Tsangeos QB 6’3 210 Flintridge Prep Glen Beattie

13 Eddie Delgado DB 5’10 165 Schurr David Ramos

14 Jordan Parham WR 5’10 185 Rosemead Marc Paramo

15 Ulises Cota WR 5’10 170 Warren Raul Lara

16 Angel Reyes WR 6’3 215 Arroyo Jim Singiser

17 Adrian Salgado DB 6’0 170 Workman Eric Macintyre

18 Erick Hernandez WR 6’0 165 Burroughs Keith Knoop

19 Lawrence Spicer RB 6’0 190 Monrovia Chris Stevens

20 Elijah Grijalva LB 5’10 190 North View Marcel Perez

21 Dexter Myers DB 6’1 185 Maranatha Steve Bogan

22 Steven Rodriguez LB 5’10 170 Arroyo Jim Singiser

23 Kevin Trejo DB 5’10 175 Eagle Rock Andy Moran

24 Marcos Lopez RB 5’10 185 Cathedral Kevin Pearson

25 Jesus Renteria WR/PK/P 5’10 160 Rosemead Marc Paramo

26 Anthony Hernandez LB 6’3 240 Muir Antyone Sims

30 Jacob Acosta LB 6’1 210 West Covina Mike Maggiore

32 Andres Hooper RB 5’7 160 Northview Marcel Perez

33 Kaylen Williams WR 6’3 185 Cathedral Kevin Pearson

34 Nicolas Griffen DE 5’11 225 Cantwell Kim Taylor

42 Carlos Varguez LB 5’10 210 Baldwin Park James Heggins

43 Andres Esparza DT 5’11 250 Bassett Hector Spathias

50 Andrew Rivas OL 6’1 225 Arroyo Jim Singiser

55 Anthony Bakhshi LB 6’0 215 S. Pasadena CB Richards

56 Ty’Sean Brown DT 5’11 245 Monrovia Chris Stevens

57 Xavian Morales DE 6’2 205 West Covina Mike Maggiore

58 Nizar Abou-Chakra OL 5’10 240 Crescenta Valley Paul Schilling

61 Daniel Avila DT 6’2 280 Wilson (LA) Eddie Martinez

70 Carlos Gomez OL 5’10 245 Montebello Pete Gonzalez

72 Steve Lopez OL 6’2 285 Bishop Amat Steve Hagerty

74 David Lindley OL 6’3 325 Bassett Hector Spathias

75 Adrian Huerta DT 6’1 270 West Covina Mike Maggiore

76 Luis Lopez OL 6’3 295 Montebello Pete Gonzalez

77 Joshua Johnson OL 6’3 285 Maranatha Steven Bogan

78 David Zulalyan OL 6’2 305 Schurr David Ramos

85 Anthony Garcia DE 6’1 220 Burroughs Keith Knoop

99 Paul Kosanovich DE 6’4 215 Temple City Marc Shettleroe

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CIF-Southern Section competitive equity proposal passes … playoff divisions will be based on teams NOT leagues …

The CIF-Southern Section member schools passed a historic action on Wednesday that will drastically reshape the way playoff divisions are formed for all sports.

Under the new format, playoff divisions will be based solely on competitive equity, thus meaning that league affiliations matter not. The new system will be in place for the 2016-17 school year with teams finding out their divisions on an annual basis every August.

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Mission Viejo head coach Bob Johnson says team will refuse to play private schools if placed in new playoff division …

Longtime Mission Viejo head coach Bob Johnson told the Orange County Register that his team will refuse to play private schools if they’re placed in a playoff division that includes private schools under the new playoff format proposal.

The proposal will be voted on at next Wednesday’s CIF-Southern Section Council meeting. Currently, football teams are placed in playoff divisions based on league placement. The new proposal would base playoff divisions on competitive equity. That means teams from the same league could play in different playoff divisions that would be determined based on recent performance. Meaning, a team, like Mission Viejo, which has won Division 2 the past two seasons, would likely be bumped up to Division 1.

The new system would allow for upward (and downward) mobility regardless of league based on an individual school’s recent performance. Currently, the entire Moore League is placed in Division 1 based solely on the success of Long Beach Poly. The rest of the teams quite obviously belong in a much lower division. The new playoff format would allow for that.

You can expect PLENTY MORE statements like Johnson’s from coaches who oppose the proposal. But you may also hear from those who like it. If the proposal passes, it will be implemented in time for next season. Oh yeah, the proposal also applies to all other sports, too.

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Troubled Lawrence Phillips was a local legend who won’t be forgotten

For those fortunate to have seen Lawrence Phillips play when he was trampling defenders on high school football fields across the San Gabriel Valley, the praise was always the same.

“Best ever.”

“Man among boys.”

Phillips, who played at West Covina and Baldwin Park high schools, before reaching national fame at Nebraska and then in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, died early Wednesday from an apparent suicide in his jail cell at Kern Valley State Prison. He was 40.

“The way things had been going, I think it was inevitable that something would happen to him,” said Tony Zane, who was Phillip’s high school head coach at Baldwin Park for his junior and senior seasons. “Something was bound to happen. He was not going to be alive very long if he was in there (prison).”

And yet while nationally Phillips will be remembered as the running back with Hall of Fame talent who blew it all with poor off-field choices, locally, Phillips will hold always hold a special place with those who knew him personally, played against him, coached him or simply watched him shine while carrying the ball.

Phillips was born in Arkansas in May, 1975 and bounced around foster homes, including one in West Covina, which is where he followed a strong youth football career by being met with high expectations when starting his prep career at West Covina High.

But the first of Phillips’ troubles with authority, an event that is still fuzzy to those who tried to recall the exact circumstances of it, led to Phillips winding up at Baldwin Park for his junior and senior season … but not before considering Charter Oak.

“At that time, he was going to go to Baldwin Park or Charter Oak,” veteran Charter Oak head coach Lou Farrar recalled. “They were looking for someone who could handle him. They talked to me. I met the kid here on campus. He didn’t say too much He was a big, big, big athlete. He wound up going over there to Baldwin Park.

“A couple years later, I saw him standing in the Baldwin Park gym before basketball game and he was dunking and shooting. It was amazing how big he was.”

Phillips was often described as a man-child. He was simply too physical of a running back for high school defenders to handle. And when he wasn’t running over people, he was running around them. Needless to say, the wins followed. And those are something Zane said Phillips loved to flash back on even in his final years.

“He remembered his high school games like they were yesterday,” Zane said. “The one CIF (playoff) game we had against Glendora and probably the games we had against West Covina were the ones he liked to remember most.

“Against Glendora, he almost got taken off the kickoff team because he fumbled. But they had just scored to make it 10-0 and we put him back there one last time and he took the kickoff back 100 yards for a touchdown. And we went on to win the game. He remembered that forever.”

Those who coached against Baldwin Park and tried to stop Phillips also often got something to remember forever. Steve Bogan, now the head coach at Maranatha after a long and successful career at South Hills remembers trying to devise a way to stop Phillips when he was defensive coordinator for the Huskies in 1991.

“We just him knew him by his number at the time,” Bogan said. “We basically knew when he was getting the ball and we still couldn’t stop him. We loaded the box and he’s still getting six yards. That guy was special.”

Phillips was name the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s Player of the Year in 1992. He signed to play at Nebraska, then a national power, and quickly caught on in the Cornhuskers’ backfield even as a freshman.

As a sophomore, Phillips led Nebraska to the national championship in 1994. The Cornhuskers repeated in 1995, but the first of Phillips’ serious legal problems had begun. He was arrested for allegedly dragging his girlfriend down a flight of stairs.

By 1996, Phillips’ relationship with Nebraska grew strained and he decided to leave for the NFL. The Rams took Phillips with the No. 6 overall pick. He was released after just two seasons.

Phillips’ life really took a turn for the worst after he was officially out of football. In 2006, he was convicted for assault with a deadly weapon. In 2009, he was convicted for assaulting his girlfriend. In April of 2015, Phillips was accused of murdering his cellmate and was on trial for that charge at the time of his death.

“He did what he did and he should have faced some consequences,” Zane said. “The time period they gave him prison for was unbelievable compared to what he had done. He was a product of his environment growing up.

“The thing that gets me about Lawrence, it was never about accolades. It never about money, even when he went to the pros. It was always about playing football, having fun and winning football games. That’s who he was.”

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