Another round!

City officials often travel to conferences and reimburse their expenses by submitting their receipts, including for dinner, lunch and breakfast, to the city. Sometimes alcohol sneaks into the receipts, but it is usually paid for separately and not reimbursed by tax-payer dollars. But an expense check that was submitted by Industry City Manager Phil Iriarte included the following on a receipt dated Aug. 21, 2005 at 7:37 p.m., from the San Francisco bar, The Mandarin Lounge:

1 Smirnoff $7.00
1 Seagram’s VO $7.25
1 Belvedere $9.00
1 Bombay Saphire $8.50
1 Perrier $3.95
Gratuity $7.00
Total: $45.74
Tax payer money, hard at work.