City clerk announcement

Rosemead City Council picked a new city clerk Tuesday night out of 15 applicants. Gloria Molleda was unaimously chosen by the council members.

The other applicants were: Margarita Macias, Marianna Amirkhanyan, Florina Arroya, Valerie Guzman, Dale LaCaselle, Kitty Lam, Ana Maria Lara, Sarah Lo, Jackie Nutting, Lisa Ramirez, Roselle Rios, Beatriz Torres, Lannie Tran and Jessica Duban.

The only problem with the meeting: The doors to get inside City Hall were locked. I just happened to stumble in City Hall by catching the eye of some poor employee and begging him to let me in. When the meeting reconvened from a closed door meeting to an open door meeting, staff members said they checked and saw no members of the public there. I wonder if they unlocked the door and poked their heads to look outside in the pouring rain.

But I’m sure no one was there. After all, who really cares about a city clerk, other than the annoying people – such as myself – who make repeated records requests.