• A concerned Rosemeadian

    Attorneys 2 v. Rosemead citizens 0
    First, the city attorney charges Rosemead thousand of $$$ more than the previous city attorney.
    Now the “Attorneys” attempt to sell the public the argument that settlement is cheaper than trial although Nunez is allegedly innocent. This is false because a politicians greatest asset is their reputation. If this sexual harassment lawsuit was frivolous, Nunez would spend a lot more to protect his soiled reputation then concede to the settlement. What ever happened to the sexual complaints against Nunez while he was a Garvey Board School board member?

    Thanks Mayor Tran for your great leadership. You are a puppet to the Attorneys who run the city. Just look at the attorney fees, the boom in development, and your authorization of this settlement. THE IRONY: YOU WANTED THE DAS OFFICE TO INVESTIGATE CAMPAGIAN MAILERS UNFAVORABLE TO YOU. WHEN ROSEMEAD EMPLOYEES COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SEXUAL ADVANCES OF NUNEZ YOU USE EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO HIDE THE CASE. Tran, your handing of this case is the worst demonstration of creating a fair work place. I see a recall in the future, no more Tran.

  • An Actual Rosemead Resident

    To the supposedly concerned supposedly Roseemad resident: Why don’t you learn the facts before you post? Or do you know the facts, and are you just telling baldface lies?

    The settement in this case isn’t being paid for by Rosemead; it’s being paid for by the JPIA insurance. I’m sure Nunez would like to take this to trial, but if he doesn’t accept the JPIA settlement offer, THEN he and Rosemead would be on the hook for all the continuing legal fees.

    The JPIA’s settlement offer tells us that would be at least $330,000. Do you have $330,000 to spare? Would you want Rosemead taxpayers to be on the hook for the $330,000? If not, then shut up and stop telling lies.

    By the way, want to know why the settlement was so big? It’s ’cause Gary Taylor couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Why aren’t you outraged at him, for costing area taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and openly, repeatedly, and deliberately breaking the law and talking about what went on in closed session? I guess you’re being pretty selective about what laws you think need to be followed, aren’t you?

  • If you believe this I have a bridge to sell ya!

    To actual Rosemead Resident
    Who do you think pays for the City of Rosemead insurance premiums?
    The taxpayers thats who.
    As long Nunez serves on council, he is a liability.
    Hence the possible increase in insurance premiums costing the city even more money.
    When are Nunez supporters going to wake up and admit they were hasty in their support for Nunez?

  • They make me laugh

    First Jay Imperial and Steven Ly get together with Mike Lewis to sue the city of Rosemead, costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars extra on the recall election. Then Gary Taylor and Steven Ly conspire with Mike Lewis to release privileged information, thereby undermining the city’s legal defense.

    Isn’t it funny that the same guys who keep costing Rosemead taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars claim to be guardians of the city?

  • The Truth

    Anybody who knows anything about the City of Rosemead knows Gary Taylor is the most righteous person on the city council and Maggie Clark is the next. It is appalling that idiots like the previous post on this issue can but any blame on Gary Taylor. A man who continues after so many years on the city council to make sure things are done right and are not going to cost the city money or embarrass them. John Tran, John Nunez and Pollie Low are the culprits. They have no desire to be honest, fair and ethical. No need to defend them, that is obvious by their action or lack thereof. Blogs are full of people with no true morals or understanding of high ethical character, so when someone posts ridiculous information and hides the truth, what are they in it for?

    Gary Taylor has consistently proved he is of high ethical character to the City of Rosemead and three extremely horrible council members are in for it, there will be more of these kinds of situations caused by the three amigos in the city. I hope Gary Taylor continues to expose this for what it is, three council members that should not be in office. It is sad that the citizens of Rosemead do not get rid of these three. I hope when they have the opportunity to vote in city elections they know this and oust three bad people.

    Gary Taylor welcomes the Grand Jury investigation because he knows he has done right by the people. He has always been for the people. John Tran is full of talk and cover-up. As for the three amigos, the statements they make are all statements we have all heard before no comment, “its confidential, I deny any wrongdoing, I have been guilty of trying to be friendly to people people misinterpret, I dont recall. Say something real, look the people in the eye and tell the truth. The three amigos are bad for the city of Rosemead and if the residents do not do something about it, they will have fallen into the depths of many corrupt cities. But you must not lump Gary Taylor or Maggie Clark into this. They tell the truth. Honorable people know this.

  • Nancy Wilson

    I have been to the city hall meetings and have asked how much reserve we have left. With the plans to beautify our city and the cost for two attorneys not to mention the number
    of city business trips being taken which we do not even have a record of the cost. We were told they did not know how much the trips cost. Funny thing I can tell you how much I spend for gas, food and other expendures, and yet our city does not keep a record of costs for trips for city business. I’m sure they must turn in bills for the expenses. It also worries me how slowly, we are getting low income people out of our city. I happen to be one of them. I have lived in Rosemead for over 40 years. There have been many wonderful improvements. I know we have to change with the times but at what cost?