Alvarez-Glasman gets another job in the SGV

The most popular San Gabriel Valley city attorney snagged another gig on Thursday. Arnold Alvarez-Glasman will now represent Montebello, a city he represented up until 2005.

He also is the city attorney for Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, Pomona and West Covina. Several months ago, Alvarez-Glasman tried for Rosemead’s redevelopment agency attorney, but lost out to Burke, Williams and Sorenson.

Alvarez-Glasman is a busy man.

Look for the story in Friday’s paper.

  • RMG

    Congratulations Arnold! Your return to Montebello is celebrated! Be blessed and remain steadfast in your commitment and dedication to those who entrust you with your service! In friendship, rmg

  • Why

    Congratulations Glasman, every city you represent has a bad reputation and someone that has been reported to the D.A. on something. The people wanted you out before because you were too close to the developers, what will they do now?