Two thumbs dumb

I got this letter last week. The letter writer gave me “two thumbs dumb” for quoting Jim Flournoy – who has sued the city at least a couple of times and regularly speaks at council and planning commission meetings – in last week’s story about Councilman John Nunez.

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for all your hard work and persistence in
reporting the ongoing turmoil in Rosemead.

However, to state Jim Flournoy is only a “Rosemead
resident” is really unfair and implies hes just
another resident speaking up! “All these people
clapping…should go to another county where they are
presumed guilty,” said Rosemead resident Jim Flournoy”

As you may know, Mr. Flourney is virulent, rude and
unreasonable Rosemead resident who’s been trying for
many years see the city crash and burn. He is well
known and very skilled at stirring things up often for
no good or decent reason(s).

It would have been nice to read some partial (if not
full) disclosure of who Mr. Flourney is and all the
damage he has inflicted on Rosemead; instead you chose
to provide cover for him and use the descriptor
“Rosemead resident”. Two thumbs dumb for letting him
get away again with an innocuous plug like that.

Just thought I let you know!

  • Actual Rosemead Resident

    Jim’s trying to get the city to follow state laws regarding public records, seismic hazards, and building codes. Which of those laws does your nameless letter writer think should be ignored?

    And why isn’t your nameless letter writer concerned about full disclosure when it comes to Jean Hall and the rest of the folks from Wal-Mart’s Amen Choir? The “outrage” expressed over Nunez’s lawsuit would be more credible if all the speakers and letter writers asking him to resign writers weren’t from the same old tired crowd that has been criticizing our new council majority since Day One.