Boo hoo, you’re not going to be mayor


La Puente council members are at each other’s throats because of the mayoral rotation, Tania Chatila reports.

“In my 11 1/2 years on the council, I’ve only been mayor once,” Councilwoman Lola Storing said. “I’ve been stepped over twice.”

I’m still having a hard time understanding why the council members even care about this, other than for their own narcissim. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve been pushing to get my picture in the paper for weeks but my editors just won’t budge.

  • Fushan Yamato

    I don’t get it. In the last month, Tania Chatila has written about six glowing articles in the Trib about Luis Lujan, the guy who keeps having his buddies make him Mayor. Of course, being mayor opens the door to the Assembly or other positions.

    One was about him becoming the new air board commissioner. I learned he was QUIETLY disqualified because his buddy from Norwalk or some other city was found to be illegally casting a vote and his election was thrown out.

    Why didn’t that get into the trib?

    I clearly recall when the Trib reported that his wife, sister in law, mother in law, father and law were charged with a felony and convicted for voting twice for him.

    Is this a pattern?

    I also recall that Roger Hernandez (not a pillar of the community) also claimed he did not share meals with Lujan as his expense records indicated.

    That seemed to melt away into obscurity too.

    Why the change? Why would you keep promoting this narcistic character?

  • Tim

    I agree! Hernandez is THE MOST narcissistic character I have ever met.

    And whats up with Lola Storing’s hair? B-hives died out looooong ago lady.