Not so fast…

Notice the vote of confidence for fired Montebello City Attorney Arnoldo Beltran:

Montebello ordinance needs further review
Article Launched: 01/24/2008 11:55:18 AM PST

MONTEBELLO – City Administrator, Richard Torres, asked the City Council to postpone discussing an ordinance that would give him more leeway in negotiating contracts.

The ordinance would have increased the cap the top executive can reach when completing contracts for supplies, equipment and routine services on the city’s behalf.

Torres said, at Wednesday’s meeting, he would like to review the details with City Attorney, Arnold Alvarez-Glasman and that the ordinance was “not a matter of urgency.”

The ordinance was drafted by former City Attorney Arnoldo Beltran.

The city administrator now can make purchases and negotiate contracts up to $5,000 without getting approval from the council. This ordinance would have increased the amount to $20,000.