Vulcan haters

This just in from reporter Bethania Palma…

Everybody hates Vulcan, and I’m not talking about this guy:


I’m talking about Vulcan Materials Co. They’ve been mining the Azusa Rock site in the foothills for years, and at last night’s joint meeting between the Azusa and Duarte city councils, Vulcan took a beating.

“They really need to go somewhere else,” Duarte Mayor Phil Reyes said. “The valley’s polluted enough.”

Duarte Councilmember Lois Gaston chimed in:

“Are these two councils really going to let the region be held hostage until 2038?”

Meanwhile, Vulcan continues an uphill battle to win the hearts and mines of residents everywhere. Although the mining company is not required to do any reclamation of the hillsides until its conditional use permit expires once and for all in 2038, Vulcan has offered to do immediate repairs if allowed to mine the west side of the rock quarry.

The problem? Some Duarte residents said they’ll be able to see the new mining area from their backyards.