Bathroom couches and gender discrimination

I’ve been working on a story about the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department consent decree, which stemmed after a gender discrimination lawsuit in the 1970s. So I got to thinking about gender discrimination in the newsroom. No need to contact any lawyers. But one question came to mind: Why does the women’s bathroom have couches and the male bathrooms don’t (not that I’ve been in the guys bathroom, but reliable sources tell me there’s no couch)?

Enter the mysterious world of the ladies room …

3873-bathrrom 034.jpg
3874-bathrrom 033.jpg
3875-bathrrom 032.jpg

What does your employer’s bathroom look like? (You might want to make sure there’s no one in the bathroom before you strat snapping pics. Otherwise, you’ve got some explaining to do… Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything,)

  • It is with some amusement I note the penultimate Google Ad-word spot is “Find Sexy Girls!”

  • Men cannot be trusted around couches. Everyone knows that.

  • Me

    Maybe it’s ’cause women’s bathrooms have more floor space. If that were a men’s room, there’d be urinals on the left wall.

    Also, women’s rooms tend to have long lines, so maybe they decided to give you all a comfy place to wait.

  • Alex

    I thinks it’s because girls go to the bathroom in pairs, so the one not using the bathroom sits on the couch. Guys would find a reason to pee on the couch.

  • Megan

    They’re menstrual couches. For when women have really bad cramps and need to lie or sit down. It’s pretty old school but still relevant.

  • aaron

    well it dosen’t make sense. Men bathrooms don’t have them not because we can’t handle couches nore have too much of a small space. It’s because we come and go easily. WE don’t take long in the bathrooms.

    It dosen’t make sense for couches in the the bathroom at all. If their is long lines for the girls bathroom why not put more toilets rather then use couches.

    Now menstrual couches could be one reason but another could be for pregnant women. Still if I owned a shop or store I rather use the bathroom space for toilets for the women. I might have a couch or some sort of bed outside the bathroom for both male or female. That way anyone that got sick and needs to lay down can.

    I personally think it’s a poor decision on putting couches in the womens bathroom. I would hate to sit down and smell other people urin and poop… I wouldn’t like to sit down.

    but the only reason for why they do it is just for one thing: menstrual stuff or pregnant women who need to sit down once in a while. I personally would have something outside for that. I would hate for someone with that problem to sit on a couch in the bathroom ewww… and smell all that smelly stuff.

  • V

    You dumb women can try to reason this away, but it’s PURE SEXISM.

    Anyone who puts a couch in a womens bathroom and not in the mens is an extremist ultra-feminist.

    Oh, and that dyke up a few comments that said ”men can’t be trusted with couches”, go make me a sandwich you fucking CUNT.

    (We can be sexist too bitch).