Arcadia councilman likens project to “Jetsons’ ” building

Arcadia council members commented this week on an $11 million City Hall upgrade project:

“It’s not terrible,” Arcadia Mayor Mickey Segal said about a proposed architectural design for the Arcadia Civic Center.

And the comments get better, or, well, worse.

“What can you do with a civic center?” Councilman John Wuo said. “Most civic centers I’ve seen (are) pretty much like this.”

Kevin Felt reported that Councilman Robert Harbicht seemed the most unsatisfied with the preliminary plans.

“It doesn’t represent what I think of when I think of Arcadia,” he said. “We only design a City Hall every 65 years or so, so I don’t imagine I’ll get another shot at this.”

He thought the building looked too much like a “square box.”

“It looks like something you’d see in `The Jetsons,”‘ Harbicht said, comparing the design with the nearby police headquarters, which he dislikes. “That’s personally not something I want to see.”

I think what they’re saying is they don’t like it.