Glendora seniors get their center

It took nearly four years, but it looks like a 97,000 square-foot assisted living facility for seniors in Glendora has finally been approved.

Many of you may have been following this story. Project opponents have long argued that the facility is just too big for the neighborhood and will cause a lot of traffic in the area.

Read more in reporter Dan Abendschein’s story, which ran today.

Also today were three letters that ran in the opinion section about Glendora’s projects:

No development, again

Apparently, there is another plan in progress to develop 125 units in a 34-foot tall building in our neighborhood (at the corner of Gladstone and Bonnie Cove in Glendora). This sounds suspiciously like the same project we were assured did not pass several months ago.

This is exactly why the residents of Glendora have grown accustomed to suspecting potential corruption in our city government. The lack of consideration for what is obviously the desire of our community to remain a pleasant residential neighborhood has lessened the quality of this city.

James Holbrook
Shirley Holbrook

No to retirement center

We are writing to let you know what we think of this project for the 125-unit retirement center on the corner of Bonnie Cove and Gladstone.

First of all, the three stories is way too much for a residential neighborhood and with only 24 parking spaces being provided for this facility. This is overkill for the neighborhood and with a minimal amount of parking, our streets will be jampacked continuously with automobiles.
We are opposed to this project as it stands due to the size. Just because we are south of Foothill Boulevard in what some call Baja, Glendora, we shouldn’t have to put up with such a large facility in a residential area. So, we say a big “no” to this project.

Dale G.Thams
Sue Thams

Listen to neighbors

The project at Bonnie Cove and Gladstone in Glendora is back, again. Why you may ask? The Arizona-based developers let their permits expire and they stated at a March 2007 planning commission meeting that they lost their funding.

The neighbors originally gathered 4,729 signatures in 2005 which opposed the height overlay of the building. The building was shrunk from 47 feet tall to 34 feet tall. All the mass has since been jammed along Bonnie Cove, so it appears to be a 34-foot-tall wall. The building is no longer being graded down. There will be limited open space. There is not an Environmental Impact Report. The developer is adding a few parking spaces, even though there will be more staff and visitor parking in the area. There is an archaic traffic study from 2001, which was done prior to a nursery leasing out 10 acres in the South Hills Wilderness Park and driving their semi trucks on the Bonnie Cove hiking trail, prior to the Foothill (210) Freeway expansion, prior to the Diamond Ridge development, prior to the Costco being built in San Dimas, etc.

What is the city and the developer trying to hide? What’s the harm in requiring the Arizona based developer to do an EIR, a new traffic study, or listening to the neighbors?

All the neighbors have been asking for from the beginning is for the proposed building to fit in with the homes surrounding the project. To date, no planning commissioner or council person has been to any meeting with the Arizona-based developer and the neighborhood. At these meetings, the developer would just simply tell the neighbors how the project will be while input from the neighbors was ignored.

In order for the issue to be heard by the City Council we, the neighbors, had to pay $2,000 for the appeal. Unbelievable, but it figures since the current City Council members were the ones who approved the fee hike. It is quite apparent the city of Glendora charges this amount in order to discourage the average resident from appealing a planning commission decision. In nearby cities, the amount of an appeal is a fraction of the amount, for example: Claremont, $100; San Dimas, $150; Irwindale, $150.

All we want is to be listened to and represented by the elected Glendora City Council members. Please do not let an Arizona-based developer destroy our neighborhood.

Erica Landmann-Johnsey