Tsk Tsk…

Just spotted this on the wire….

City News Service
LOS ANGELES – The 48-year-old owner of Glendales St. Anns Hospice pleaded not guilty today to a charge of making illegal campaign contributions.
Gladwin Gill, of Covina, was arraigned this morning in U.S. District Court in downtown Los
Gill agreed in December to eventually plead guilty to the charge, which alleges that he used friends and employees to make $26,000 in illegal campaign contributions to President Bush and other political candidates.
No new court dates have yet been set.

Waddya think of that?

  • gilman

    Well it’s a start….but I suspect she had to really piss off somebody to get prosecuted. This type of scam goes on all the time.

    Now if we could just them to spend some time and resources on throwing the politicians in jail for illegal contributions, spending, mis-use of public funds, etc.