• I put the over/under line at 4.5 hours, and I think that might still be optimistic.

  • The Truth

    Stick with it Jennifer!

    I hope all citizens of Rosemead show up and blast the three amigos for what they are! I think this discussion should go for ten hours with so many people against the three amigos that the only way to end it is with John Nunez stepping down because he can not handle the truth. They are the future demise of Rosemead if they are allowed to operate with a majority. Not in my 35 years of following this city’s politics have I seen such poor decision-making since the three amigos gained majority.

    The city general plan will be filled with the three amigo’s “lobbyists” who want to develop property. That is it, end of story.

    There should be no reason why anyone could support the censorship of Gary Taylor. It is a ridiculous step that Gary Taylor will address like the great man that he acted appropriately and in the interest of the citizens of Rosemead. Anyone who thinks different has ulterior motives, either supports the three amigos or some how were caught by Gary Taylor doing something wrong and Gary Taylor called them on it.

    Get to the truth of the matter…the three amigos are EXTREMELY BAD for the City of Rosemead!

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t to “censor” Gary Taylor; it was to “censure” him. If Mr. Truth doesn’t know the difference between the two words, it’s hard to take the rest of his little fairy tale seriously.

    And the reason for censuring Taylor would have been because he admitted to breaking the law. But I guess some people only care about following the the law when it’s convenient for them.

  • Anonymous2

    Hey genius, you’re not supposed to begin a sentence with “and.” Don’t correct others when you can’t even correct yourself.