“Pimp school”

Here’s some follow up on an earlier post about Prodigy Athletic offcials still advertising Lutheran High School as the site of their spring camp.

I spoke with La Verne’s community development director today – Hal Fredericksen – and he told me city officials were surprised to see the reference to Lutheran on the Web site, considering the city attorney sent Prodigy officials a cease and desist letter telling them they can no longer use the school’s gym. Fredericksen advised them to take the information down.

Cameron Murray, who runs Prodigy, declined to comment this afternoon, but said if I check the Web site, the info would not longer be there. I did: at 2 p.m., at 2:30 p.m., at 3 p.m. and again just a few minutes ago. The information has yet to be taken down.

Residents are upset Cameron is still using Lutheran to promote his camp. Kim Hanke, who lives on Amherst Street had this to say about officials from Lutheran High School and Prodigy Athletic:

“I call it, that school, it’s a pimp school. But they are entrepreneurs. They will rent it to anyone to make a quick buck.”

  • gilman

    Schools allowing use of the facilities by outside organizations is a very common
    Use Claremont for example…public and private schools regularly use school property for a wide range of non-school activities and it is perfectly legal…or so the city says.
    I know everyone is on the Lutheran School in this case, but what about the University of La Verne- do they offer there facilities for outside school activities….I bet the answer is yes.