Straight from the Murray camp


A source pointed this interesting bit of information out to me yesterday afternoon.

You may all remember the story surrounding the Lutheran High School master plan, which was approved this month after heated debate over what the renovations would do to the neighboring residential community. Well, you may also recall that part of that debate was anger over the use of the high schools gym by Prodigy Athletic Cameron Murrays basketball camp.

La Verne city attorneys sent a cease and desist letter at the beginning of February to the school and Murray, telling them Prodigy could no longer use the gym unless they go through a separate CUP process with the city.

But if you go on Prodigy Athletics Web site, the program is still advertising Lutherans gym as the location of its spring camp which, I should add, costs $200 a player or $1,200 a team.

The camp starts in about two weeks. Wonder whats going to happen to all those ballers come opening day?