Montebello’s political paybacks

Montebello reporter Amanda Baumfeld tells us that the city has chosen a new police chief, Lt. Dan Weast. Other than questions about his educational background, Mayor Bill Molinari does not support Weast because Molinari believes that appointment is political.

Molinari said he believes the appointment of Weast is a “political payback” for Weast supporting council members (Kathy) Salazar, Robert Urteaga and Mary Anne Saucedo-Rodriguez in recent elections.

Weast was the president of the Montebello Police Officer Association during the election and he acknowledges that the association was in support of the candidates. But he says his appointment is based on his experience.

“I don’t do paybacks,” Salazar said. “This has nothing to do with politics, it’s the quality of the man.”

Hints of political paybacks weren’t only about Salazar. At least one source reportedly told Amanda that Molinari voted against Weast because he didn’t get what he wanted. What that was, exactly, we don’t know. Also, the new city attorney, Arnold Alvarez Glasman, advised Molinari not to tell Amanda why he voted against Weast. Now why in the world would Glasman give such legal advice?