“No high-rises in Rosemead”

This letter ran today about the proposed developments in Rosemead. Do you agree or disagree with letter writer, Myrna Brown?

Not for development

I have lived in this area, the city of Rosemead, for most of my 63 years. I’ve seen it grow from an unincorporated area to cityhood, and have attended Savannah Elementary School, Muscatel Junior High and Rosemead High School. With marriage, my husband and I chose to settle in this city. After our four daughters came into the world, they grew and attended the same schools.

In the former days, what we strove for was decent housing, a good educational system, a good library, churches, community clubs, places of recreation and a place to go when we reached the point where we could no longer take care of ourselves. And through the years we have achieved all of those things and more.

The majority of the members of our City Council are taking us where we do not wish to go. I wish to speak for the longtime citizens of this city and a number of the newer ones. We have no desire to fill this area with commercial buildings. We do not want high-rise buildings in downtown Rosemead. We do not wish to invite more traffic into this area. Expansion is not on our agenda.

I voted for John Tran, our present mayor, who came to my door asking for my vote. He promised to clean up our city if elected. However, Rosemead today is still a large source of polluting trash and litter washing down to the sea.

It seems he was interested in something other than holding to his promises and maintaining what was already here. Then I voted for Polly Low, thinking that the Asian residents needed someone to speak for them. A two-time mistake for which I sincerely apologize.

Myrna Brown


  • The Truth

    I hope Myrna reads this.

    Gary Taylor is the person you need to talk to. With your long storied Rosemead history, I can say that you know Gary Taylor well. I hope it has been a positive experience. He is the one council member you can trust. Yes, Maggie Clark is another you can trust, but certainly not the three amigos.

    There is a major reason the City of Rosemead is and will continue to have problems, the three amigos.

    You need Gary Taylor on the city council. You also need to vote out the three amigos and support in the next election anyone Gary Taylor recommends. Anyone will be better for the city than the three amigos.

    Good Luck.

  • Anonymous

    Urban density in the area is increasing, largely due to forces beyond the control of Rosemead residents. The question is how to handle this change. Something proactive must be done, or things will go to heck.

    If the residents along Valley don’t want development, then, maybe some folks along Garvey would invite it.

  • katmandu

    Am I the only one who thinks Pravda’s got a crush on Gary Taylor?

    There IS a major reason why Rosemead has problems, and it has to do with the guys who ran city hall for the previous thirty-plus years. Rosemead didn’t get where it is overnight. It took decades of neglect by a council majority that became too comfortable in their jobs. They are the poster boys for term limits.

    BTW, the whole phrasing of this thread begs the question: What’s a “high rise”? I think it’s a loaded phrase, intended to call to mind visions of Century City or Downtown Los Angeles. That’s not what we’re talking about, is it?