Lots happening in Montebello

Here’s a Montebello meeting sneak peak from Reporter Amanda Baumfeld:

Much to discuss in Montebello at Wednesday’s meeting.

First on the table, is a special meeting at 5 p.m. to discuss current and future development projects in the city. Residents are already questioning if developer Hank Attina is involved with any of the projects.

Next on the agenda, will be approving the contract of Lt. Dan Weast as the city’s new Police Chief. Controversy began last week with the discovery that Weast only has a GED education. In his defense he has more than 26 years experience in law enforcement.

Lastly, Councilwoman Kathy Salazar is requesting Montebello be among the city’s who have reduced or eliminated plastic bags. She is asking for council support in drafting an ordinance.

I gather it will be lengthy meeting.