No more salmon fishing in Oregon and California

Why am I posting this? Because I just had salmon for dinner:

Widespread end to salmon fishing now likely
By Matt Weiser –
Last Updated 8:34 pm PDT Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A complete closure of salmon fishing in California and Oregon this year appeared more likely Tuesday after federal managers grappled for the first time with the hard facts.

Meeting in Sacramento, the Pacific Fishery Management Council was told by its expert staff that even with such a drastic closure, only an estimated 59,100 Chinook salmon will spawn this fall in California’s Central Valley rivers, including the Sacramento, American and Feather.

That low number is well below the minimum conservation goal of 122,000 fish, leaving officials with few options. All fishing south of Point Falcon in Oregon could be affected — including commercial and recreational, in the ocean and rivers — which has never happened.

The closure would mean that fresh local salmon will be unavailable to consumers in stores, restaurants and farmer’s markets for perhaps the first time ever.

  • Anonymous

    Well, there is always the farmed salmon with the wonderful orange color dye!

  • Anonymous

    Yep, odds are that if you bought salmon in a store (or in a restaurant, if it didn’t say, “wild caught,”), it was farm raised salmon. They have their own sort of issues: fish waste, antibiotics, food coloring, etc.