The more things change…

Tonight was, in theory, the evening of the mayoral rotation. But no one rotated anywhere. Mayor John Tran is keeping his title for another year, and Councilman John Nunez is keeping his title as Mayor Pro Tem. Here’s how it went down:

After Tran collected a pile of certificates and plaques given to him by local dignataries including the offices of Assemblyman Mike Eng and Congresswoman Hilda Solis, it came time for the announcement of who the new mayor was going to be. Tran nominated Nunez, who was the next in line to be Mayor.

But Nunez grabbed the mike and explained that he had some personal issues in his life that he needs to deal with and that he thinks it’s best he focus on those. So, Tran was nominated, which was an action that drew loud applause from the audience. Low seconded it. It was approved on a 3-2 vote, with minority council members Gary Taylor and Margaret Clark voting against it. They stayed silent during this whole discussion.

Now, rewind back one year ago. If you recall, Nunez was supposed to be mayor then but instead urged Tran to take that opportunity.

Obviously, there are questions here. That’s why there will be a story in Thursday’s paper. But for the time being, anyone have any theories about what’s going on here?

  • The Truth

    Jennifer, you will have many stories to write about the three amigos.

    Hilda Solis and Mike Eng are not residents of Rosemead. But are looking for power and Tran falls for it everytime.

    What I take from this is the three amigos have great plans for fleecing Rosemead and attempting to oust the two councilmembers defending the residents of the city.

    I hope the residents wise up and oust all three amigos during election or better yet a recall. The power (as others have stated) is now with the three amigos? Anyone watching will see who does the right things or the wrong things. With the majority on the city council, it will be obvious who is committing he shenanigans. The residents were much better off when they had the power.

  • Anonymous

    I agree: Anyone who has been watching will know that your two stooges have been in office for nearly fifty years between them, but have done nothing but sit on their hands while the city has gone to pot. Thank goodness we finally have some people on city council that are willing to actually do something about these problems.

  • The Truth

    Good luch with thinking that Gary Taytlor and Maggie Clark do nothing. They are the only smart people on the council. How much money are the three amigos going to spend and who will pay for it? The taxpayers is who.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m still waiting for your long list of accomplishments they have to show for their fifty years on city council.

  • Anonymous

    Traffic? Fifty years between the two of them, and nothing done about it. Graffiti? Fifty years between the two of them, and nothing to show for it. Disappearing affordable housing? Lack of parking on neighborhood streets? Mansionization? Day laborers loitering on city streets? Ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto.

    Yeah, that’s sure an impressively consistent record your two stooges have racked up. Let’s see if we can’t get the Pope to canonize them.

  • I got a bridge to sell ya!

    As Low sat in on the Partners meeting.
    It was quite obvious with all her note taking she was there only to report back to her affiliates and conspire on how to slander and attack Honorable
    Council member Clark and Rosemead Partners.
    Apparently, the only way Tran,Nunez,Low and their supporters can defend their own lack of integrity is to divert attention away from
    themselves and repress the residents right to assemble and freedom of speech.
    As long as Anonymous and followers keep telling themselves that all is well with the “Three Amigos”, well then I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

  • Anonymous

    What, you’re not going by “Pravda,” anymore?

    If Polly Low went to the “State of the City” (sic) address, she was there to listen to her constituents (even the ones that didn’t vote for her). That’s her right and her responsibility.

    And don’t think we didn’t notice that you responded to a challenge to give some examples of accomplishments by Lord Taylor and Queen Maggie with another dodge.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anybody has taken the liberty to think about the “State of the City” address in the general picture. Although there are differences between the composition of a city governmnet and a national government, the public would be outraged if Nancy Pelosi were to suddenly announce that she would be giving the “State of the Union Address”. My prediction is that residents and the American public is sick and tired of negative political attacks and tactics and will vote out anyone who is not on board for a change that not only involves the future of our city but also the dialogue of political discourse. Oh, and one more point…Rep. Solis and Assemblymember Eng are not residents of Rosemead, they are our representatives and don’t need power from the mayor or any other councilmembers, they already have the power from the residents of Rosemead that elected them!

  • The Truth

    Good luck… your utopian city and see who pays for it. Typical California…let others pay for it. Like the Wal-Mart tax revenue.