Mailers to clarify “state of the city” was not sponsored by the city

More mailer action in Rosemead, reporter Jennifer McLain reports.

This time it’s over an event held last week dubbed “Rosemead’s Inaugural State of the City Address.” Rosemead Partners, a political action committee that supports council members Gary Taylor and Margaret Clark, put on the event – not the city – and Clark was the keynote speaker.

Apparently, officials at City Hall were not so amused:

….Mayor John Tran and council members Polly Low and John Nuez said they felt that the invitation gave the wrong impression.

“It’s misleading,” Low said. “It is cheating the residents.”

On Tuesday, council members voted 3-2 to distribute a mailer to residents – estimated to cost $3,000 – clarifying that any opinions expressed at Rosemead Partners’ address March 19 were not those of the city. Taylor and Clark dissented.

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