UPDATE: Moe the Chimp

The famous and dramatic life of Moe the Chimp out of West Covina graced the paper today. We ran a little brief about the chimp, whose life story has been written about in our paper several times.

Former chimp owners seek thief Article Launched: 03/31/2008 06:26:27 PM PDT

WEST COVINA – The former owner’s of “Moe” the chimp are offering a reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of a woman who stole from them Saturday.

La Donna and St. James Davis, who now uses a wheelchair after being attacked by chimps in March of 2005, were shopping at Target in the Eastland Shopping Center when the theft occurred, West Covina police officials said.

As La Donna briefly turned away from the cart, where her purse was, a woman stole the purse containing the Davises IDs, credit cards, bank cards, and St. James’ medication and medical information, said a friend of the Davises, Michael McCasland.

The thief quickly left the store and got into a waiting white dodge truck, he added.

McCasland said he believes the Davises were targeted because while La Donna was distracted, the thief hoped to take advantage of a man in a wheelchair.

Police, who are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor petty theft, have provided a photo of the suspect obtained from store surveillance cameras.

The Davises are offering an unspecified reward to anyone who can lead police to an arrest and conviction.

(My previous post stated that Moe the Chimp was stolen. Yes, I am an April fool.)

  • Anonymous

    they just stole her purse, not the chimp

  • Anonymouse

    Huh? So Moe the Chimp was inside the purse when it was stolen while they were shopping at Target? How the hell does a thief pull that off? A better question is how did they stuff the chimp in the purse in the first place.

  • Well it just wouldn’t be a day in West Covina without hearing about Moe.