Alva closer to chief’s seat

So last night I reported the Baldwin Park City Council unanimously named El Monte police Lt. Ken Alva as their new police chief. Well, that was only half true, according to city officials.

While Mayor Manuel Lozano said Wednesday the council did appoint Alva, there are still several hoops Alva has to jump through before a final contract is approved. Technically, Alva still needs to clear his background check, he still has to negotiate a contract and that contract still needs to go before the council for final approval.

I apologize for any confusion that may have caused. I should have caught that, but I’m clarifying it now and it will be clear in the story that will appear in Friday’s paper.

So yes, Alva was chosen, but no, he’s not the current police chief. Baldwin Park’s Chief Executive Officer Vijay Singhal said it’ll be a few weeks before everything finalized, so long as things go smoothly.

Alva tells me he hasn’t even given notice yet at El Monte. But I can assure you, that hasn’t stopped his peers at EMPD and his supporters in Baldwin Park City Hall from anticipating his transition.

Translation: he’s a shoe-in with some baby steps along the way.

Reporting thus far tells me Alva has quite a support system both in and out of El Monte. More on that in this weekend’s profile, which should run on Sunday.

  • Johnny “By -the-Book” Boombatz

    And so it came to pass, just like everyone predicted months ago. Shocking.