The fight in Glendora

Dan Abendschein reports that a lawsuit against Glendora over a senior housing project could be settled out of court. The community group that filed the lawsuit wants to city to do an enviornmental report for the site, located at Bonnie Cove and Gladstone, because they believe the traffic will be heavily impacted as a result of the project.

“Their claim is that this project will impact city traffic,” said D. Wayne Leech, Glendora’s city attorney. “The city did an original survey several years ago, and then an updated survey this year, and both found there was no impact.”

What do you think? Is a survey enough or shold the city perform the environmental review? Leech thinks it’s a trap.

“Other than them withdrawing their claim, I can’t see a solution that would work for the city,” said Leech. “This lawsuit is without merit.”

  • Anonymous

    Did the city do a “survey” or did the property developer?

    Usually traffic reports are prepared by “hired guns” chosen and paid by the developer. Of course, this often results in the developer desired outcome – a claim of no traffic problems.