Roski to stop by Tribune’s office

Billionaire developer Edward Roski, who is proposing to build an NFL stadium in Industry, is going to stop by the Tribune’s office today to pitch his idea to the Editorial Board. I’ll be sitting in the meeting as well, and I will ask him any follow-up questions that have come up since he launced his proposal to build this $800-million stadium on Thursday. The meeting is at 10 a.m.

Are there questions that you want me to ask?

  • Anonymous

    Why should we treat this proposal as any different from the other dozen or so drawings we’ve seen of wonderful stadiums that were never built or never refurbished?

    Does Al Davis still think he has veto power over a team coming to “Los Angeles”?

    Do the Spanos Goofs think they have veto power over a team coming to “Los Angeles”?

    How can you get a team to come to Los Angeles if the NFL says that bringing a team here is not a high priority?

    Will he consider naming the team, “The Los Angeles Angels of Industry”?

  • Love NFL

    How did he aquire the land what did he pay for it and does he have any loans on it