Shoppers should pay for bags

There’s been a lot of talk recently about charging money for plastic bags. My thoughts? Charge away. That’s something that they’ve been doing for years in Europe. And it makes sense. I’ve got hundreds of those plastic bags stored under the sink, and each time I go to the grocery store I think: Oh crap, I should have brought some of those bags. But I can guarentee that once the stores start charging me for bags, my habits would quickly change.

Alison Hewitt reports that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors aren’t giving up on their efforts to charge shoppers for bags.

Support among Los Angeles County supervisors for a proposal that would charge shoppers 25 cents for each plastic shopping bag they use has dwindled after a state bill faltered last week in Sacramento.

County officials supported and even helped write the bill that failed to pass a committee hearing last week, although a compromise emerged that would allow local governments to levy their own plastic bag fees.

  • thejay

    Maybe incentives are a better choice than punishment. It seems like this will impact the poor more than the rich. This is another in the long line of proposals by California liberal elite to abuse the poor of the State.