The Robles saga continues

There’s more Albert Robles drama, Airan Scruby reports. Robles, a Water Replinishment District director, is scheduled to appear in court today. He is being charged with committing misdeameanor campaign law violations.

He is also running for the job of District Attorney Steve Cooley.

“How Steve Cooley is manipulating our justice system … should shock the conscience of all Americans,” Robles said. “The DA’s office has never prosecuted anybody for what they’re accusing me of.”

Here’s more from Airan’s story:

Robles, 39, will discuss his motions to dismiss the charges against him, including two counts of sending campaign mailers without return addresses on behalf of Pico Water District candidates.

He is also charged with one count of making a campaign expenditure of more than $100 in cash, and one count of making a campaign contribution of more than $100 in cash, two ways of prosecuting for the same act: paying for the campaign mailers he allegedly sent.

If convicted, Robles could face a $10,000 fine and six months in jail for each offense, and would lose the ability to run for public office for four years.

The charges against him come from the Political Reform Act, a set of California statutes meant to increase campaign openness. Robles said cases like his are usually handled by the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and that the charges against him were filed because District Attorney Steve Cooley has a vendetta against him.