San Marino schools vs. Pico Rivera schools

While driving through San Marino last weekend, I passed a beautiful, remodeled high school. Then, I saw a sign that marked the donations — which is in the hundreds of thousands — to the school district. “Public education is not free,” the sign read.

I normally don’t meander through San Marino. My routes usually take me through West Covina, Covina and Baldwin Park. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I guessing that there is a significant disparity among the donation efforts in San Marino versus Baldwin Park or Pico Rivera.

Airan Scruby reported today that four Pico Rivera schools are slated for closure. I am sure that San Marino schools are facing their sets of hardships, but I wonder: Have any schools closed in San Marino?

  • us


    Thanks you for touching on the educational disparities in the SGV. While public education is free, it clearly isnt equal.

  • Pasadonuts

    It all goes back to the haves and the have nots… I don’t need to tell you which city is what!

  • LB

    You were looking at the sign from the San Marino Schools Foundation, which funds the school programs with donated monies from the community. San Marino is a very small community, not enough money from the state for educating the kid population, so this has been in place for years. Other small communities do the same thing. San Marino only has one high school, one middle school, and two small elementary schools. A third elementary school was closed over 30 years ago because it only had 1 classroom per grade, and wasn’t sustainable. It’s now the home of the City’s Recreation Department. The schools were upgraded 5 years ago with bond money voted specifically for the school improvements because the campuses were actually physically dangerous after no upgrade work since before I attended school there in the 60’s. The High School was originally an elementary school and was converted for use after So. Pas/San Marino High reverted to So. Pas. in the 50’s. I hated drinking out of water fountains designed for 3rd graders…

  • SL

    The measure E has passed. So there is no school will be closed in San Marino. I guess they can keep many teachers who received the pink letter. San marino schools is more like a private public schools.